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Why Isn’t the Market Listening?

You’ve probably seen the Disney film, Fantasia. In the segment called The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Mickey Mouse is the apprentice, and he decides to use some of the sorcerer’s magic while the boss is away. The experience is glorious, until he realizes that he can’t control it any more and he finds himself drowning in a self-created flood.

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BSL: The Effects of Zero Tolerance Mentality

This week in a unanimous vote, the city of Lancaster, California passed a breed specific legislation (BSL) ordinance requiring all owners of pit bulls, Rottweilers, and mixed breed dogs deemed “potentially dangerous” to:

  • Have microchip implants and vaccinations at the owner’s expense.

  • Be kept indoors or in a securely fenced yard or enclosure constructed at the owner’s expense.

  • Wear a muzzle and a 4-foot-long leash held by a controlling adult when taken off the owner’s property.

  • Complete an approved obedience course at the owner’s expense.

  • Be spayed or neutered at the owner’s expense.

Free Cell Phones for the “Poor”

What will they think of next? Our nation is in the midst of a national recession not seen since the Great Depression. Tax revenues are in decline. Every agency in Alabama is in proration. Yet as many as 560,000+ households in Alabama are about to qualify for free cell phones (more than 25% of the state!).

Read the article here.

I don’t care what anybody says; if we live in a country where the “poor” get free cell phones, we have no real poor here.

Notice that this program only gives recipients about an hour of talk-time per month—but allows them to buy additional time for 20 cents a minute (and most do). If these people are supposed to be poor, how are they able to afford to pay for this extra time?

Why I’m A Libertarian

I’ve gotten a bit of hostility for being a libertarian. While I can only think of one person in my experience who really gave me serious crap for it, more than a few have created stereotypes in their head due to my political leanings. I must be a gun owner, a pot smoker or a well-to-do man who doesn’t want to share loot with anyone. I am not even close to being any of those.

I lean with the libertarians because of my philosophy of life, which is strongly rooted in my life experience. Throughout my public school days, I could not understand why I had to take part in activities I didn’t enjoy or succeed at, why nothing was done when kids bullied or harassed me or why some bureaucrat who had never met me decided where I would spend the majority of the day. I tend to get angriest and lash out when people box me in, keep me from choosing my own path or tell me what I cannot do. If allowed a large degree of freedom (within reason, of course) I’m fairly happy.

Israel, Gaza and Hamas

Editors Note:  If you have also read Dr. Kennedy’s and Michael Powell’s recent articles on this topic, you’ll find that the opinions and beliefs of United Liberty writers can be quite varied. We see that as one of our strengths on this blog and appreciate the spiritual, political and cultural differences that allow us to see things from a different perspective.  What’s interesting to note however, is that despite the different viewpoints represented in these articles regarding the roots and causes of the conflict, one thing that is agreed upon is that the proper course for America is the re-adoption of a non-interventionist foreign policy.  And as always, comments are welcome.

Bailout Bill Defeated- What Now?

Patriots across the country are pleased as punch that the wishes of the majority of Americans were honored and that H.R. 3997 has been defeated. It was a close vote and no one knew until the nay votes passed that magic number - 218- which way it was going to go.  I encourage everyone to find out as soon as possible how your Congressperson voted.  If they stood with us, please contact them and give them the kudos they deserve.  If they voted for this bill, they need to be called on the carpet and told that their job is in serious jeopardy.

Bailout Bill Fails - 207 to 226.

This is a great day for American’s to take it upon themselves to solve our own crisis in our own personal way. I for one do not need the government saving me.

The Other Dr. No

The Founding Fathers intended the United States Senate to be an extremely slow, deliberating body that passed only a small number of bills per year, and only after very long and thorough debate. What goes on in the Upper House today is a far cry from that vision, and sadly very few recognize this as a problem. Senator (R-OK) Tom Coburn, does recognize it however, and as the video below shows, Coburn has apparently gone on a crusade against a number of unethical Senate practices. Like our own beloved Dr. No, Senator Coburn has the reputation of being a fiscal conservative and for standing against the pork-barrel spending of his Senate colleagues.  We need more Congressmen like this who are willing to take a stand against what’s popular and fight against wasteful government spending.

Barr on Glenn Beck Again- 8/28

Wearing a t-shirt with the phrase infamously coined by  Barack Obama, “Bitter typical white person clinging to God and my guns”, conservative talk show host, Glenn Beck, once again gave Libertarian Presidential nominee, Congressman Bob Barr, a full hour on Thursday evening.  Like most of America, Glenn is unsure of who to vote for in November, but is also concerned about “throwing his vote away” if he votes third party.  Bob does an excellent job of presenting the case that voting for McCain or Obama is truly a wasted vote and that his message of smaller government, tax reform and personal liberty is what the country needs and what most voters identify with.

In this first video, Glenn asks Bob to answer the questions posed by pastor Rick Warren to McCain and Obama during the Saddleback Debate. They discuss the Russia/Georgia conflict and the finer aspects of Bob’s foreign policy stance, the current Supreme Court Justices, the definition of “rich”, and why higher taxes hurt the poorest of Americans.

Part two continues with tax reform, when military action should be used, global warming and energy independence.

Ron Paul: Government Can’t Protect People from Themselves

It’s videos such as this when I am reminded why we are fighting. Notice how Ron doesn’t even flinch when asked some of these very tough questions.

Imagine McCain or Obama fielding these sorts of questions from a reporter. I think they would be liable to storm out of the room and become visibly upset with the very notion of legalized drugs or prostitution. Instead, Ron delivers a reasonable and measured approach that includes some function of useful government - such as protecting children.

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