What Does Ron Have to Say About Bob?

At Nolan Chart, George Dance pulled together the various comments Congressman Ron Paul has made about his friend and colleague, Bob Barr. Here are a couple of excerpts-

On June 2, when Newsweek asked him, “What are your feelings toward [Libertarian nominee] Bob Barr?”, his response was: “We’re pretty friendly. We’re allies, he’s a good friend. He has called me a couple [of] times recently, so it’s very cordial.”

On May 30 Paul also praised Barr, to Jason Rosenbaum of the Columbia Daily Tribune: “He’ll be a good candidate. Some Libertarians are excited, and some are leery, but I think he can do a very good job.”

Time To Come Home

Congressman Barr is ready to make the commitment that Bush, Obama and McCain will not- the commitment to bring our troops home from Iraq as soon as safely possible. As reported at

“The next president should commit to a speedy and complete withdrawal from Iraq,” argues Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party candidate for president, “and tell the Iraqi people that the U.S. troops will be going home.”

Haters Not Welcome

The Barr Campaign let white supremacy group, Stormfront, know what they could do with their endorsement of the Congressman today. Campaign manager, Russ Verney, had this to say-

The Barr campaign is not going to be a vehicle for every fringe and hate group to promote itself. We do not want and will not accept the support of haters. Anyone with love in their heart for our country and for every resident of our country regardless of race, religion, nationality or sexual orientation is welcome with open arms.

Tell the haters I said don’t let the door hit you on the backside on your way out!

Barr Appearing on The Colbert Report

Libertarian Presidential Nominee, Bob Barr, will appear on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report this Wednesday evening at 11:30pm. I hope you take the time to watch the Congressman take on Steve Colbert, but I thought our readers would also enjoy watching the video of another favorite Congressman’s appearance on the same show a few months back.

Votes Are Earned

Amid cries and accusations of being a spoiler for GOP candidate, Senator John McCain, Russell Verney (current campaign manager for Bob Barr and former campaign manager for Ross Perot) has same words of advice,

“Those people claiming that [Barr] is going to be a spoiler should buy some cheese to go with that wine. We are not spoiling anything. Competition is the backbone of America. And no one can take votes from anyone else, because votes are not a birthright. Votes have to be earned.”

Read more at Newsweek.

Murray Sabrin Likes Ron Paul, Supports John McCain?

This story broke in February, but many people missed it. For those of you who don’t know Murray, he is currently campaigning for Senate in New Jersey. A traditional conservative who opposed the war, Murray occasionally rode on the coat tails of the Ron Paul Presidential Grassroots campaign, accepting Ron’s endorsement, even appearing at the April 15th Tax rally. His website talks about the Ron Paul campaign on many levels. In early February, this statement was released:

Bob Barr: Media Superstar

The Barr Campaign has managed to achieve an amazing amount of media coverage that really continues to bring our movement to the mainstream media. Please check out his site @ and support his continued efforts.

Barr Makes It Official

Former Georgia Congressman, Bob Barr, announced that he will indeed be seeking the presidential nomination for the Libertarian Party.

Watch his video or listen to the audio at

Answers from Congressman Barr

Former Congressman and possible Libertarian Presidential candidate, Bob Barr, spent a half hour answering questions posed by Garrett Michael Hayes and Doug Craig on Crazy for Liberty on AM 1320, WHIE. If you have questions about Congressman Barr, here’s a chance to get some answers.

Crazy for Liberty

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