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Xe is for Mercenaries

Blackwater, the contractor that has the blood of innocent Iraqis on its hands, has changed its name:


Blackwater Worldwide, the contractor that emerged over the last few years as Exhibit A for ugly Americans in Iraq, has decided that the best response is to … change its name.

And check out the name they picked: “Xe.” (Apparently it’s pronounced like the letter ‘Z.’ Raising the question: Why not just call it “Z”?)

They’ve also renamed Blackwater Lodge & Training Center, the subsidiary that does much of their controversial overseas operations. It’s now the “U.S. Training Center Inc.” (Which doesn’t exactly mesh with “Xe,” but whatever.)

Baby Boomers: The Worst Generation?

President Barack Obama’s skin color clouds one other progressive aspect of his presidency: he is the first post-Baby Boomer elected to the nation’s highest office. This is a cause for celebration, as the Baby Boomers may likely have done more harm to America than any previous generation.

Don’t believe me? Here is a list of the sins of the Boomers, or as I call them, “the Worst Generation:”

The Worst Generation’s crowning achievement is Woodstock. They’re actually proud of the fact that they spent their youth dressed like transients and having sex in the mud. The Greatest Generation’s crowning achievement, on the other hand, was defeating fascism on the beaches of Europe.

Whereas divorce was frowned upon by the Greatest Generation, the Worst Generation left millions of children fatherless and directionless.

The Worst Generaton has left us with a Social Security time bomb.

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