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Israel, Gaza and Hamas

Editors Note:  If you have also read Dr. Kennedy’s and Michael Powell’s recent articles on this topic, you’ll find that the opinions and beliefs of United Liberty writers can be quite varied. We see that as one of our strengths on this blog and appreciate the spiritual, political and cultural differences that allow us to see things from a different perspective.  What’s interesting to note however, is that despite the different viewpoints represented in these articles regarding the roots and causes of the conflict, one thing that is agreed upon is that the proper course for America is the re-adoption of a non-interventionist foreign policy.  And as always, comments are welcome.

Paul Press Conference: Reject the Two-Party System

*Update- We can now include links to Dr. Paul’s full statement to the press and the policies about which Ron and the four third-party candidates all agree.  Once video becomes available, we’lll add that as well.

I’m Tired of Agreeing With Obama

I expect sharp words and fireworks with Bill O’Reilly and Barack Obama on the same set.  What I don’t expect is to find myself agreeing with Obama over O’Reilly.

Though I consider myself conservative, when it comes to foreign policy, there’s a sharp divide between my beliefs and the current practice of the Republican Party.  I certainly can’t claim to agree with Senator Obama 100%, but I find his rhetoric regarding Iran and Pakistan far less scary than “Bomb, Bomb Iran-McCain”.

Barr on Glenn Beck Again- 8/28

Wearing a t-shirt with the phrase infamously coined by  Barack Obama, “Bitter typical white person clinging to God and my guns”, conservative talk show host, Glenn Beck, once again gave Libertarian Presidential nominee, Congressman Bob Barr, a full hour on Thursday evening.  Like most of America, Glenn is unsure of who to vote for in November, but is also concerned about “throwing his vote away” if he votes third party.  Bob does an excellent job of presenting the case that voting for McCain or Obama is truly a wasted vote and that his message of smaller government, tax reform and personal liberty is what the country needs and what most voters identify with.

In this first video, Glenn asks Bob to answer the questions posed by pastor Rick Warren to McCain and Obama during the Saddleback Debate. They discuss the Russia/Georgia conflict and the finer aspects of Bob’s foreign policy stance, the current Supreme Court Justices, the definition of “rich”, and why higher taxes hurt the poorest of Americans.

Part two continues with tax reform, when military action should be used, global warming and energy independence.

Ron Paul on CNN - 08/28

Dr. Paul sticks to his guns regarding a foreign policy of non-intervention, pointing out that there’s little to no difference between McCain and Obama when it comes to their plans for sending more troops to Afghanistan and handling situations like Georgia-

Glenn & Penn Discuss Barr, Paul and Politics

Wow - its amazing to see how far CNN anchor Glenn Beck has progressed over the last few years. Just months ago, every discussion on his show intertwined with foreign intervention in pursuit of terrorists Now he is, perhaps, the leading “old media” commentator on the real issues of our time- the dollar crisis, free speech, economic nationalization, and nanny-state liberalism.

Enjoy the video-


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