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Ron Chimes In On Write-Ins

When Ron Paul was asked by Reason Magazines’s Dave Weigel about write-in ballots, he had this to say-

I don’t think that’s very productive,” Paul said of a write-in campaign. “They could do it, of course, but in most of the states it won’t count. If they can change the rules in a primary and not count all the votes, imagine what they could do with write-in votes!”

Huckabee: The Anti-Libertarian

Former Arkansas Governor and GOP Presidential Candidate, Mike Huckabee recently raised the ire of libertarians by calling libertarianism “not an American message,” stating libertarianism was a “soulless type of economic conservatism” and a threat to Republicanism.

LP spokesman Andrew Davis responded with-

Let the Debates Begin!

Here’s the latest press release from the Barr campaign-

For Immediate Release - June 3, 2008

Bob Barr Welcomes Election Contest with Barack Obama and John McCain, Urges Weekly Debates

Atlanta, GA — Tonight the Democratic Party effectively finished its nomination process, choosing Sen. Barack Obama as its presidential candidate. Sen. Hillary Clinton fought long and well, helping spur a record voter turnout on the Democratic side. In most any other year she would have been her party’s standard-bearer, but she fell short against Sen. Obama, perhaps the Democrats’ most eloquent proponent of liberalism.

So long, Hillary… or not?

The AP is reporting that Hillary Rodham Clinton will admit this evening that Barrack Obama has enough delegates to secure the Democratic nomination…

…but Clinton campaign officials deny that she will be conceding the race, ending her hopes of becoming the first female President.

So, what will HRC have to say to us this evening after results from today’s primaries are apparent?

Harold Ickes, a top campaign official, said that Clinton would not drop out of the race. Asked on MSNBC what she would say if, after primaries in Montana and South Dakota, Obama had enough delegates to clinch the nomination, he replied, “She will say what she will say when she says it.”

Well, he cleared that up.

Time To Come Home

Congressman Barr is ready to make the commitment that Bush, Obama and McCain will not- the commitment to bring our troops home from Iraq as soon as safely possible. As reported at

“The next president should commit to a speedy and complete withdrawal from Iraq,” argues Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party candidate for president, “and tell the Iraqi people that the U.S. troops will be going home.”

McCain Facing Uphill Battle

Though he is considered the presumptive nominee for the Republican party, Senator McCain is finding opposition on every side. He’s already trading barbs with the assumed Democratic nominee, Barack Obama, but further competition is emerging from the right.

Supporters and delegates for Congressman Ron Paul continue to garner more delegates for the good doctor, determined to have a presence at the GOP Convention in Minnesota this September. Having earned a million votes thus far, no one can deny that Dr. Paul is a force to be reckoned with.

Huckabee Tells Obama to “Duck”

Barr’s Response to Huckabee’s Gaffe

Press release from

Bob Barr, former Member of Congress from Georgia and current candidate for President for the Libertarian Party, today issued the following statement in reaction to Gov. Mike Huckabee’s recent remarks at the National Rifle Association’s National Convention:

“Mike Huckabee showed incredibly poor taste when he joked about a gun pointed at Senator Barack Obama. His words were reckless, callous and harmful to the sports men and women of America and to those of us who fully support the Second Amendment.

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