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Why should the government redistribute wealth…

When there are plenty of unscrupulous charlatans willing to steal it from billionaires and blow it?

I’ll have more to say about this in the coming days, as we learn more.

German Chancellor Criticizes “Cheap Money” in U.S.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday criticized the presence of “cheap money” in the United States in recent years, blaming it for the current financial crisis.

Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, turned the tables on her international critics on Wednesday by accusing the US and other governments of making “cheap money” a central tool of their economic management, thus planting the seeds of a similar crisis in five years.

Russian Analyst Predicts Decline and Breakup of the United States

I think the U.S. is headed for some really tough times and for a sharp decline, economically and geopolitically. But I’m not sure I’d go this far.

The Trouble with the Government in our Bedrooms

One of the most explosive topics in the post-election public discourse has been Proposition 8 on the California state ballot, which passed. The initiative amends the State Constitution of California to read:

Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.

Libertarianism and the Center: The Appeal

I have previously argued that we as libertarians should target our appeal to centrists. Libertarians and centrists share many characteristics, mainly the common value of independence and the rejection of the Republican and Democratic ideological orthodoxies as presented. Furthermore, the center has quite clearly been the electoral kingmaker in recent history, so the political advancement of libertarians depends significantly on their success in winning centrist votes.

Libertarianism and The Center

Libertarians constantly face the preeminent struggle to form and implement strategies to gain political relevance. The party has never achieved a result better than 1% on a Presidential Election. Adding to our frustration is the failure of the Libertarian Party to capitalize on the opportunity Ron Paul’s groundbreaking Republican Primary campaign, which gained new ground for the libertarian philosophy in terms of visibility. Bob Barr’s campaign failed to crack 500,000 votes in an election cycle in which Ron Paul earned more than 1 million votes in Republican primaries and caucuses.

The Odd Lies of David Price, Part III

For this entry, we will go outside his aforementioned email. Don’t worry; we’ll be returning to it very soon.After taking another look at the debate between Congressman Price and Dr. Lawson, his “Keeping in Touch” newsletter that he sent to the 4th District voters (at taxpayer expense), and his Vote Smart page, there’s a particular claim that Congressman Price likes to make (or at least imply) that his recent record shows to be a bowl of mush.

This claim is that he is some sort of a principled fiscal conservative who works tirelessly for balanced budgets.

Spencer Bachus, A Truly Special Man

Based on a preliminary inquiry, I conclude that “Bachass,” as I hear some call him, is a Representative truly worthy of a special level of contempt. Unfortunately, he will not be held to it in this year’s election, as he is running unopposed. Nevertheless, he deserves a quality opponent in 2010 to send him into a well-deserved retirement.

The Odd Lies of David Price, Part II

Going through Congressman Price’s recent email to supporters, it is really tempting to cite his straw man arguments against the merits and consequences of the philosophy of liberty, sound money, and Constitutional Republicanism. This is especially true of his arguments about economic history and the actual application of the philosophy (which has never ACTUALLY happened in American history).

The Odd Lies of David Price, Part I

As Martin posted earlier, the Price campaign has sent out an email attacking B.J. and Ron Paul. The email was, quite frankly, dishonest, offensive, and divisive. Clearly, Congressman Price has ignored the call of his party’s Presidential Nominee, Barack Obama, for an elevated trans-partisan discourse and approach to politics.

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