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Liberty Locally: Attend The Meetings!

In this second edition of Liberty Locally, I want to explore something that in my experience not many people do.

You see, in my experience most people are focused squarely on what is coming out of a city that is hundreds of even thousands of miles away from many of us - Washington, DC. SOME people may look at their state legislatures as well, but by and large the primary focus of most seems to be DC.

Here’s the problem with that:  As powerful as the Feds can be, their direct influence on your normal life is tangential, if at all. For example, ObamaCare may raise your health insurance costs, but that typically doesn’t affect your every day life. Similarly, Georgia’s Super Speeder law may mean you pay a higher fine if you get caught driving fast, but except on the day you get caught, it really doesn’t affect your every day life.

So Congress and your state legislature (with their associated President and Governor) don’t impact your every day life to a truly significant degree.

Now, your local city council or county commission, they impact your daily life to a higher degree than you may think. These are the people who decide your trash rates, how your home can be built, if your neighbor can have chickens in his back yard, if that tire-warping pothole down the street will ever be fixed, how fast people can drive down the street you live on, your local utility bills, what types of businesses you have in the City and what kind of signs they are allowed to use, and many other things that you probably don’t realize they have a degree of control over.

Liberty Locally: Playgrounds

I know what you’re thinking. You’re asking yourself why a liberty-themed site that hits on tough national issues like the 2nd Amendment, Eminent Domain, Civil Liberties, and the like now has a post talking about playgrounds. So let me explain:

This is my first (second) post on this illustrious forum. I created another site about a year and a half ago, where UL-writer Tom Knighton is my business partner. I also wrote “The Cult of Christianity”, which appeared here as a guest post this past Easter. My own philosophy for promoting Liberty is to work from the ground up building support locally and then spreading from there. Hence the reason I wanted to start off by exploring various ways to promote Liberty Locally and show people that we who value Liberty are not crazy anarchists who don’t want government to exist at all.

So let’s talk about playgrounds, shall we?

Nearly all of us played on various playgrounds as kids. Whether it be swinging, sliding, climbing monkey bars, or simply playing tag on an open field, play is an important part of childhood and one many of us look back on fondly.

The problem for local governments is that these days, playgrounds can be expensive. Depending on exactly what you want, they can easily cost upwards of $20K for a small one, and in the six figures for larger ones. Even for larger towns, this is a lot of money - and my town only has a population of around 3,000 people!

So how do we as a community promote small government while also providing ample play space for our community’s children?

One way is to get a single rich donor to donate the money to both buy the equipment and have it installed. No government expense at all, but sufficiently rich donors can be hard to come by in small towns like mine.

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