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Will Alabama’s Shelby Kill Plan to Audit the Fed?

As mentioned in an earlier post, Congressman Ron Paul has introduced legislation (HR 1207) to demand an audit of the Federal Reserve System. No body or institution in the world has so much power over our economy as does the Federal Reserve System. Yet, this private institution has virtually no accountability to the general public.
As of latest reporting, HR 1207 has 190 co-sponsors. This includes a fair number of Democrats. Among Alabama Congressmen, HR 1207 is co-sponsored by Congressmen Mike Rogers (3rd district), Robert Aderholt (4th district, and Spencer Bachus (6th district). Pressure

Legacy of the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign

In 2008, I joined the loud chorus of Ron Paul supporters who cried that the system is broken and needed a complete dismantling. When Ron Paul won only a handful of delegates, won only 3% in the Alabama primary, and won only three (3) votes at the Maytown Baptist precinct (mine, my daughter’s and my wife’s— my son’s vote was at the absentee box), I began to feel that the Ron Paul effort was a waste of our energy.
When the Paul for President campaign horded $5 million to promote post-election causes, some of us who contributed felt thrown aside and were less-than-happy. But time has proven that the Ron Paul for President campaign had an effect far beyond the 2008 Republican primaries. So far, what is the legacy of the Ron Paul campaign? For starters, let me mention four:

Republicans vs Conservatives

In a recent conversation with a local Pastor, a social/moral issue rose and the man said I know how strong you will be,on that issue, since you are one of the most Republican people I know. Let me stop at his statement and draw two conclusions from his statement:

Tea Party Speech in Montgomery, AL

This past Wednesday, millions of Americans attended Tea Party rallies across these United States. The seed of these protest rallies was the Ron Paul movement from 2008, the most vocal effort against big government in years. While Ron Paul did not sell to the masses of conservatives, the message that government is bloated and out-of-control is resonating with average citizens in all fifty states.

Israel, Gaza and Hamas

Editors Note:  If you have also read Dr. Kennedy’s and Michael Powell’s recent articles on this topic, you’ll find that the opinions and beliefs of United Liberty writers can be quite varied. We see that as one of our strengths on this blog and appreciate the spiritual, political and cultural differences that allow us to see things from a different perspective.  What’s interesting to note however, is that despite the different viewpoints represented in these articles regarding the roots and causes of the conflict, one thing that is agreed upon is that the proper course for America is the re-adoption of a non-interventionist foreign policy.  And as always, comments are welcome.

Valkyrie: Lessons for Humanity

This past weekend, I took my wife to see  the film Valkyrie.  Featuring Tom Cruise, Valkyrie is already ranked among the top five films of the season. Valkyrie details the plot of July 20, 1944 devised by German officers to assassinate Adolph Hitler. Cruise played the mastermind of the plot Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg.

I make no claim to have a depth of understanding of Hitler’s National Socialism and the details of the War effort. However, I was raised by a father who was a World War II veteran who was present on D-Day and both uncles served in the European theater during that great War.

Don’t Raise Taxes in a Recession!

In the last two weeks, Alabama State Government has been severely curtailed by the forced nine percent cuts in spending due to proration. Remember, proration is required because the Alabama Constitution (yes, the 1901 version that supposedly is outdated) requires a balanced budget. Hence, when revenues fall below expectations, then proration is automatically ordered so that funds are not spent until the monies are available.

Who are the Real Bigots?

I have shifted between anger and humor at the recent outcry from liberals concerning the invitation issued by President-elect Obama to Pastor Rick Warren to lead in prayer at the Obama inauguration. Consider that Presidents of both parties traditionally asked Evangelist Billy Graham to lead in prayer at their respective inaugurations. Graham was long considered America’s Pastor and one might wonder if Rick Warren might be assuming that same role.

They Still Don’t Get It!

I suppose that credit should be due to Senate Republicans who made the difference in defeating the Auto Bailout. I also believe that President Bush’s brazen act of shifting money to the automakers is shameful operation.

But then Senate Republicans release a letter pleading with President Bush not to usurp the decision of Congress on the automakers bailout.

So far, so good.

But then these Senate Republicans gave their reason for opposing the bailout as the refusal of the United Auto Workers to agree to a cut in wages.

These folks still don’t get it!

Lessons from the Auto Bailout Controversy

This past week, the US Senate failed to concur with the House of Representatives in passing a bailout package for the nation’s large domestic automakers. This bailout had the support of the Democratic leadership in Congress as well as the Bush White House. Already, doomsayers are bemoaning this lack of financial infusion from an already depleted federal budget. However, I applaud this decision as a victory for principle over pragmatism. Hoping that conservatives will learn from this effort to continue enlarging government, consider some lessons from the bailout controversy.

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