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A True Nightmare: Obama Catering to Neo-cons

Max Boot, a contributing editor of the fervently neoconservative publication The Weekly Standard and senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations has stated what progressives and libertarians dread most, that Obama is warming up nicely to neoconservatives in Washington. Some might contend that his appointments thus far have gained more approval from the statist right than from his own party. Maxx Boot in his own words regarding the matter-

UK Internet Regulatory Agency Blocks Wikipedia [Update]

Over the weekend the United Kingdom’s internet regulatory agency, The Internet Watch Foundation, blacklisted Wikipedia over concerns of “indecent images” of minors under the age of 18. The image is of the album art for a 1976 Scorpions album titled “Virgin Killer”. Beyond the problem of a centralized authority having the fiat power to blacklist sites without court order, this particular case is quite intriguing because while the image itself is quite disgusting, according to Wikimedia Foundation-

“We have no reason to believe the article, or the image contained in the article, has been held to be illegal in any jurisdiction anywhere in the world,”

1-in-10 Homeowners In Delinquency

Even the world’s most powerful entity, the United States Government, has be unable stop to the market from purging the surpluses of the FED induced housing boom. According to a report by the the Mortgage Brokers Association 10% of Americans with a mortgage are in foreclosure or are at least one month behind in their payments.

A Visual Guide to the Financial Crisis

We constantly hear about the different aspects that caused or excerbated the current financial crisis, but how do all these different factors relate?, a online personal financial planning tool (that I happen to use and love), has put together a very large visual representation of the crisis. It is non-ideological and focuses on mainstream causes, but I found their analysis very sound. Take a few minutes to look over the graphic below-

Fred Thompson Gets It Right On Crisis

Fred Thompson- the guy who consistently had NYT photos of him on the campaign trail giving campaign stumps to rooms of a couple dozen elderly people, half of whom were often sound asleep- has now started up a Political Action Committee. On the front page of his website he has posted a several minute commentary on the economic mess, talking about both how we got here and where we are going. He pushes his ideals out quite well using dry humor. Check out the top video.

Icelanders Storm Central Bank

Anti-government and bank rage reached a boiling point Monday in the small island nation of Iceland, where residents have seen unemployment and inflation skyrocket following the fall collapse of the Icelandic banking system. Iceland, a nation recently prided as a great example of the “Scandanavian Model” of a prosperous welfare system, has in a matter of months been transformed into the least politically and ecnomically stable nation in Europe. The International Herald Tribune reports below-

Time Magazine Cover: Obama as FDR

Obama will be featured on the cover of Time Magazine again (for what, the millionth time?), but this one may actually grab people’s attention and help their struggling sales. In the Nov. 24th issue they are featuring Obama as FDR. Obama should attempt to learn from FDR, but only to the extent of learning what not to do.

How Will Clinton and Richardson Work Together?

All signs are pointing towards a Obama Cabinet divided between two heavyweights, Senator Hillary Clinton and Governor Bill Richardson. The inclusion of either is not a surprise when each situation is looked at individually, but bringing both together the resulting combination is bound to bring about epic intra-administration ideological and power struggles. For example one of Clinton’s top surrogates James Carville said (to the NYT) in regards to Richardson’s Obama endorsement earlier this year-

“Mr. Richardson’s endorsement came right around the anniversary of the day when Judas sold out for 30 pieces of silver, so I think the timing is appropriate, if ironic,”

CNBC: Crisis Has Now Cost More Than WWII (Inflation Adjusted)

The rate of spending by the Federal Government (and its surrogate/partner the FED) during the 2008 financial crisis has reached such unprecedented levels that it has now eclipsed the Second World War’s total inflation adjusted costs. CNBC, who has kept a running total, pegs the “total amount of money thrown at the situation” at $4.28 Trillion. With current total market capitalization of the S&P 500 now around $7 trillion (+/- a few hundred billion USD), CNBC’s total could theoretically pass the combined market capitalization of all the nation’s top 500 companies if trajectory of both do not significantly change within the next few months.

Solutions for the Republican Party

In last week’s article titled “Problems of the Republican Party”, I discussed some key policy mistakes the modern day Republican Party has made over the last quarter of a century. The problems are deep and quite fundamental, as I mentioned before, but with some significant reform and a bit of policial realignment it is possible for the Republican Party to regain the prestige it once had. For the voices within the party that stand for reason and liberty, this battle will be very slow and may never be won, but finding and implementing solutions to fix the myriad of problems the party faces is a worthy cause.

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