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These Tortured Times

Though I don’t always agree with Andrew Sullivan, his letter to George W. Bush in the most recent issue of the Atlantic Monthly carries a moral force to be reckoned with. Andrew does not re-neg on his support for the war on terror or the Iraq war, yet he manages to convey the destructiveness of the Bush administration’s policies to the US Constitution and the American national honor. There. I said it— “national honor”. Because national honor is exactly what our country lacked when Bush and his cohorts left office.

Though “national honor” is the kind of term that raises red flags for me, reading Andrew’s letter left me famished with a hunger for national honor, for something like the moral integrity at the heart of the American struggle to be (and hopefully to remain) “the land of freedom and opportunity”.

Though I do not agree with Andrew’s arguments for the war in Iraq, I am moved by the intellectual integrity which led him to write this article cum letter. Since the letter is by no means a postcard, I’ve excerpted the sections which I found to be most compelling, but it deserves to be read in its entirety. Andrew begins by situating himself in a moral context— the context for which he believes war is just and necessary.

The Boom Baby Boom

Economists know that entrepreneurship will drive the economy back to health, but many people may be surprised to learn that the baby boom generation is behind the wheel, according to a new study by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. The study, “The Coming Entrepreneurship Boom,” found that several facts have emerged in the course of Kauffman Foundation research that indicate the United States might be on the cusp of an entrepreneurship boom—not in spite of an aging population but because of it. These factors include the shifting age distribution of the country, the continued decline of lifetime employment, the experience and tacit knowledge such employees carry with them, and the effects of the 2008-2009 recession on established sectors of the economy.

Popeye is the reason I am addicted to cigarettes

Images Popeye’s pipe has been deemed harmful enough to warrant an over-18 label for the jolly old sailor’s cartoons. In Britian, Liverpool’s Primary Care Trust wants to keep kids from watching Popeye since his pipe-habit might lead them to cigarette addiction.

Local Liberal Democrat politician Paula Keaveney said she had fully supported the smoking ban. Keaveney did, however, feel that:

Phillipe Legrain, immigration, and globalization: Seeing the bright side.

Phillipe Legrain doesn’t believe that immigration is the cause of Europe’s social and economic ills. In fact, Legrain makes the case that immigration, as experienced through globalization, might actually be a good thing. Currently working on a new book about the effects of globalization, Legrain will be examining the “risks to globalisation from the ongoing crisis (such as protectionism, nationalism and political extremism)” and try to find what needs to change in the global economy, as well as what doesn’t need to change.

FR33, the social network for me.

So Bureaucrash got too centralized for libertarian tastes. It goes without saying that the “support Iranian freedom” campaign sounds a little too similar to the current neoconservative fantasy for regime-change in Iran. Libertarians should be accustomed to high turn-over rates.

Enter FR33, the “freedom activist network”—  social network for the die-hard core, or “the remnant”, to borrow a popular term. If I am reaching too far into the obscure and clouded heart of the fight for freedom, this is because the obscure part is, indeed, the heart of the movement.

Because Motherhood Isn’t Enough of a Reward, You Deserve a Medal. And Money

Hitler certainly used Christianity as a tool for accomplishing his policy objectives. During the Nazi regime, for example, a Christian cross was given to German mothers as a symbolic gesture honoring their decision to “do the Lord’s will” and have babies. Christian imagery and symbolism proved effective propaganda tactics for Hitler, especially with respect to policies for the growth of a “strong German Nazi Volk”. Hitler seeded his Volk-expansion plans with programs which encouraged the virtues of German motherhood, including the sacred duty of motherhood and the abolition of abortions (except for the mentally ill). 91

Just When You Thought Police Couldn’t Get More Powerful

A recent monograph published by the RAND Corporation makes the case for the creation of a 6,000 person Stability Police Force in the United States. Since the authors maintain that “security requires a mix of military and police forces to deal with a range of threats from insurgents to criminal organizations”, the proposed SFB would represent a new, highly-evolved species of storm trooper:

Establishing security is the sine qua non of stability operations, since it is a prerequisite for reconstruction and development….. This research examines the creation of a high-end police force, which the authors call a Stability Police Force (SPF). The study considers what size force is necessary, how responsive it needs to be, where in the government it might be located, what capabilities it should have, how it could be staffed, and its cost.

The Market for School Choice in DC

The neighborhoods of Southeast Washington, D.C., are among the poorest in the city. There, the grocery stores, banks, restaurants, and other institutions that suburbanites take for granted have long been in short supply. In recent years, things have started looking “brighter”, thanks to a little assistance from the good guys on the Hill:
A brand new, government-subsidized shopping center recently opened on Alabama Avenue, providing one of the few full-service grocery stores in the area, along with a new sit-down restaurant and mainstream bank branch. But reformers are finding that such initiatives won’t fix decades of market dysfunction overnight.

A Tale About a True Political Maverick


Historian David Beito and political scientist Linda Royster Beito do not believe that the historical record on civil rights in the South is complete. With their publication of Black Maverick, however, we may be one book closer to free. According to the University of Illinois Press:

Rush Limbaugh’s Friendly “Fascism”

Jim Armstrong corrects Rush Limbaugh’s misuse of the term “fascism” in a letter to the editor of Dayton Daily News. Mr. Armstrong writes:

While I’m one who doesn’t listen to Rush Limbaugh very often, I have to take exception to what his defender said in his letter to the editor (“Limbaugh critics fear his threat to liberalism,” May 4). He lumped socialists, communists and fascists together as liberals.

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