Why Won’t This Guy Go Away?

Tax Hike Mike is back in the news:

Mike Huckabee is using his new book, out this week, to settle a few scores, not the least of which is with his fierce primary rival, Mitt Romney. Per Michael Scherer, Huckabee picks up where he left off earlier this year, tweaking Romney as a rich guy and firing what may be the first shots of the 2012 primary. Romney, Huckabee, writes, was “anything but conservative until he changed the light bulbs in his chandelier in time to run for president.”

At another point, Huckabee portrays a Romney proposal to encourage more investment in the market as, “Let them eat stocks!” The former Arkansas governor also takes a shot at Fred Thompson – who ensured his defeat in the pivotal South Carolina primary – as well as those evangelical leaders who didn’t get behind his bid. But none of these people may emerge again in four years as political rivals of Huckabee.

Reading through other comments he supposedly makes in the book, he just sounds like a bitter guy trying to get back at all the people who called him out for what he really is: a tax hiking, theocratic, liberal who has a freightening amount of ignorance when it comes to what capitalism is and has no idea as to what liberty really means.


He also takes some time to bash on libertarians, because we don’t like his tax hiking ways:

You can see the growing influence of faux-cons in the 2008 election cycle from the so-called Ron Paul Revolution to the economics-only conservatism reflected by some of the supporters of Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani.

John Tabin over at The American Spectator points out that THM’s version of conservatism doesn’t exactly jive with Ronald Reagan:

If you analyze it I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism… The basis of conservatism is a desire for less government interference or less centralized authority or more individual freedom and this is a pretty general description also of what libertarianism is. Now, I can’t say that I will agree with all the things that the present group who call themselves Libertarians in the sense of a party say… But again, I stand on my statement that I think that libertarianism and conservatism are travelling the same path.

I’ll echo what Doug Mataconis says, bring it on Huck. We’re ready for you in 2012. We’ll go ahead and start it right here and right now…call it the HUCK? NO! movement.

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