Rand Paul leads potential Dem opponents in Kentucky

On the heels of a poll showing Rand Paul with a 19 point lead over Trey Grayson for the GOP nomination for United States Senate in Kentucky comes another survey showing both Republicans with modest leads over their potential Democratic opponents, Jack Conway and Dan Mongiardo.

Rand Paul v. Jack Conway

  • Paul: 42%
  • Conway: 36%
  • Not sure: 22%

Rand Paul v. Dan Mongiardo

  • Paul: 42%
  • Mongiardo: 36%
  • Not sure: 22%

Trey Grayson v. Jack Conway

  • Grayson: 40%
  • Conway: 33%
  • Not sure: 27%

Trey Grayson v. Dan Mongiardo

  • Grayson: 44%
  • Mongiardo: 35%
  • Not sure: 21%

According to a press release that came across last night, Rand Paul will also make his entrance into the race official by filing his paperwork with the Kentucky Secretary of State’s office.

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