Rand Paul leads by double-digits

Public Policy Polling is out with a new poll from Kentucky that shows Rand Paul leading Trey Grayson, the establishment-backed candidate, by 19%.

If there was any doubt Rand Paul is a serious candidate for the Republican Senate nomination in Kentucky it can be cast away. Our first poll of the race finds him leading Trey Grayson 44-25.

Paul is, as the conventional wisdom suggests, drawing his strongest support from Republicans who are unhappy with their party. He has a 54-22 lead over Grayson with voters who are unhappy with the GOP in Congress and a 54-18 advantage with folks who think the party’s grown too liberal.

His support is broader than that though- he has a 40-25 lead even with people who like the job Republicans in Congress are doing and a 38-28 advantage with ones who are comfortable with where their party is ideologically.

A lot can happen between now and May 18th, the day of Kentucky party primaries. The enthusiasm around Paul’s campaign has to keep up, and I think it will. His campaign needs to stay away from controversy, and they’ve done a decent job of putting out fires thus far.

Stay on message. It’s resonating with Republican primary voters.

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