Rand Paul announces Senate bid

Rand Paul announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination for United States Senate in Kentucky:

Rand Paul, son of former presidential candidate and Texas Rep. Ron Paul, officially entered the Kentucky Senate race today to replace retiring Republican Sen. Jim Bunning.

In an e-mail to supporters sent this afternoon, the Republican ophthalmologist said the twin issues of federal spending and the national debt pushed him to run for office. This would be the younger Paul’s first elected office.

“I think we’re drowning in a sea of debt, as a country,” Paul said in the e-mail. “The deficit this year will be 13% of the [gross national product]. This is a historic high. The danger is going to be inflation within a year or two, and prices may rise rapidly.”

The announcement, which culminates with a kickoff fundraiser in New York City tonight, isn’t a surprise. The younger Paul has said he would enter the race if Bunning exited, which the two-term senator did last week.

Rand Paul’s website is here. You can send along a few bucks here.

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