Podcast: Discussing Prominent Issues Facing The Nation With Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson

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In a special podcast, Jason and Brett interview former governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson to discuss the Our America Initiative political advocacy committee, as well as the issues facing our nation, and what he sees as solutions.

Earlier this year, former Governor Johnson embarked on two new journeys, writing The Seven Principles of Good Government and serving as the honorary chairman of the Our America Initiative.  In the interview, Johnson discusses the economy, health care, civil liberties, the War on Drugs, the War on Terror, the environment, and his ample use of the veto pen.

We would like to once again thank Governor Johnson, as well Sue Winchester, the Media Relations Representative for the Our America Initiative.

You can download the podcast here (35 minutes/32 MB). The always lovely Aimee Allen graces us with “Silence is Violence” in the music that opens the interview.

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