Palin Going Rogue? About Time.

Palin_rogueCNN is reporting that Palin is ready to “bust free” of the constraints placed upon her by the struggling McCain campaign and all I have to say is, “Thank goodness!”

I realize that “Palin Power” is waning and that many of us who were heartened by McCain’s VP choice have become disillusioned by consistent recitation of neoconservative talking points. However, I still maintain that of Biden, Obama and McCain, Palin has the most potential to reverse the trend towards socialism/fascism our country is currently on.

While I’m sickened to hear her utter such garbage as it being “God’s will” for us to be in Iraq, I’ve often wondered if she really believes what she’s saying or if she’s just regurgitating what she’s been told to say.  Our own Rev. John Killian has said that setting Palin free to speak her mind, instead of spouting the party line, would ultimately benefit the Republican’s chances in November.  At least we would finally hear some authentic “Straight Talk”.

Americans are tired of what the Republican’s have stood for during the past 8 years and they are ready for change.  Obama is supposedly offering change, but those of us paying attention know that his “change” is just an accelerated path towards socialism.  However, McCain’s march towards fascism is just as disconcerting for true patriots.

Palin’s governing record is not the rock-solid voting record of the imcomparable Dr. Ron Paul and her latest rhetoric leaves a sour taste in many mouths.  But when the Republican Party is trampled across the board this November, hopefully they will step back and reexamine their wandering ways.  Maybe the million plus votes that Dr. Paul received will give them pause and they will reconsider their big-government, nation-building methodology.  And maybe Sarah will remember the way she used to talk- that she once stood for smaller government, less waste, lower taxes and state’s rights.

If the claims that she’s more interested in positioning herself for 2012, than she is in securing a Republican White House for 2009 are true, I only hope that she helps use her newfound conservative influence to help change the Republican Party for the better during the inevitable upcoming struggle for the heart and soul of the party.  They may have wandered far from the path of limited government and a non-interventionist foreign policy, but she has a humble doctor from Texas ready to show her the way back.

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