Obama: Private Education For My Family, Not For Yours

Washington Post reported last month that the Obama daughters will be attending an elite private school:

Continuing a tradition among Washington’s power elite, President-elect Barack Obama and his wife have decided to send their kids to Sidwell Friends School.Michelle Obama confirmed yesterday that Malia and Sasha, the incoming first daughters, will enroll at the pricey private school when the family moves into the White House in January.

President-elect Barack Obama, as a parent and a private citizen, can certainly send his children wherever he wants for school. However, it’s important to point out that Obama is an opponent of school vouchers, which would help children of lower to middle income families to attend private schools. If he’s so supportive of the public school system, why not send his own children to a school in the system? Does he know something he doesn’t want to admit in public?

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