NFIB opposes ObamaCare

President Barack Obama took to the airwaves today to claim that his health care plan would help small businesses cope with the cost of insurance:

Obama touted a report by his Council of Economic Advisers that concludes reforming healthcare would help small businesses by lowering the cost of providing insurance.

“These are the mom-and-pop stores and restaurants, beauty shops and construction companies that support families and sustain communities,” Obama said in his weekly address.

“They’re the tiny startups with big ideas, hoping to become the next Google or Apple or HP. And, as shown in a new report released today by the White House Council of Economic Advisers, right now they are getting crushed by skyrocketing healthcare costs.”

Obama continued his push on healthcare even while facing a splintered Democratic Party, particularly in the House.

Interestingly, the National Federation of Independent Business, which serves as sort of a watchdog for small business owners,  isn’t too thrilled with the proposal, citing the surtaxes that would “pay” for ObamaCare and that it fails to lower costs, which is backed up by a new report from the Congressional Budget Office.


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