Meet the Parents

Meet my new parents: the U.S. Government. The parallels are astonishing when you think about it. (Forgive my generalities… they are for illustration!)

1. Parents want their kids to be the best: Just like proud moms and dads show up at little league games and fight with other parents, help (or take over) fundraising activities so their kids will “win” by raising the most money, or argue with teachers about grades… we see the U.S. Government assert its authority all over the world - both economically and militarily - so that we can be the “greatest nation on earth”.

2. Parents want to protect their kids: Whether its the bully in the schoolyard or down the street, the authority figure who tries to discipline a misbehaving child, or the family secrets which the kids may not “be ready” to hear… we see the U.S. Government “protect” us with pre-emptive wars or harsh economic sanctions on the bad guys, while encouraging citizens to spend and watch reality TV as the nation deteriorates.

3. Parents give their kids (limited) freedom: Few parents today want to be uncool and not let their kids have fun - but whether it’s the teenager who pushes the line too far or the rough and rowdy play in the backyard which gets too dangerous, parents will usually step in… just like the U.S. Government who lets the “free market” drive the economy or citizens exercise “free speech” until one or both become inconvenient and cross the line - then they want to step in with bailouts, over-regulation, new laws, or the police to keep things the way they want.

4. Parents give their kids allowance: Once the kids reach that special age, they begin to receive an allowance based on their behavior and their contribution to household chores… the same way the U.S. Government decides how much money we will be able to take home in our paychecks from our hard work - as long as behave - after all, the Government (like our parents) obviously know much more about how much money we should be able to have.

Parents sometimes fail and can destroy the lives of their children even when they have the best of intentions. Governments who act like parents can do the same to their citizens. But, generally, children don’t choose their parents. We choose our government. In fact, the government only has powers derived from its people. We are adults. It’s time that we take some of that power back and demand to be treated as such.

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