John McCain Starts His Post-Partum PAC

Yes, I’m still thinking about the ‘08 Election. No, I’m not bitter.

John McCain blasted an email out to his list encouraging them to join his new PAC - usually a no-brainer move after any national election these days.

The problem? I don’t think many people are going to be all that excited about it.

We have Chuck Norris approved HuckPac, Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty, Barack’s little thing, Romney’s “Free and Strong America” the list goes on and on. With the economy continuing to crash, we will likely see a drop in political contributions - I personally need a good hook to justify my contribution.

So, John McCain rolls out this:

Country First - “…to continue fighting for the worthy cause of revitalizing both our democracy and our Party”

Republicans like to revitalize REPUBLICS, not democracies - I think that’s why they call them Democrats?

Or are we still conceding that?

Sorry, I’ll sign up for email updates but no $10 today.

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