Introducing “The Change Gauge”

As part of my contribution to United Liberty, I plan to write an ongoing column called “The Change Gauge.”

The purpose of the column will be straightforward: to systematically highlight instances where Obama administration policies are not changes from the status quo, but rather “more of the same.”

While I have little doubt that President Obama will support many policies that differ from those of the Bush administration, I think it’s valuable for readers – liberal, conservative, and libertarian alike – to be aware of policies that harmfully perpetuate the status quo.

A secondary goal of “The Change Gauge” will be to help clarify why some policy ideas – whether proposed by a Republican administration or a Democratic one – may not be as good as they first appear. To that end, I will try to link to scholarly commentary that presents alternate viewpoints from those in the popular press.

One note on tone: this column is meant to be educational rather than confrontational. That said, I hope that we will have significant debate between readers in the comment section (though please respond logically to each others’ points, and refrain from ad hominem or off-topic invective).

And for those of you who have topic ideas, please feel fee to leave them as comments, and I’ll be sure to see them.

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