David Price Now Calling Ron Paul and BJ Lawson “Dangerous George Bush Followers”

You know it’s getting close when a 20-year incumbent needs to attack his opponent, and his political ideology, head on. Anyone who’s in office for that long should be able to stand on the merits of his own record, rather than launching attacks. Here is an excerpt from a letter that he recently sent out to his supporters.

…Proclaiming to be the protégé of failed Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, Dr. Lawson has a laissez faire, libertarian approach to government and the economy that I believe is fundamentally wrong. Our current financial crisis clearly demonstrates that the hands-off, anything-goes mentality on regulation employed by the Bush Administration and supported by Dr. Lawson simply does not work and is, very frankly, dangerous to our economy and way of life.



David Price has been playing politics here in the 4th district for the last month - constantly trying to tie Dr. Lawson to the Bush Administration in any way that he can. All of this started happening when we launched our TV and Radio Ads thanks to your support.

But this time he has gone too far.

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