BJ Lawson scores 91 out of 99 on Ron Paul Paul-O-Meter

Marc over at Liberty Maven examines BJ Lawson on the twenty issue Paul-O-Meter to see how he stacks up to the Congressman from TX-14.

  1. Liberty-based Voting Record - Lawson does not have a voting record; therefore per guidelines the score is a 3. Score: 3
  2. The Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy - Lawson supports instituting competing currencies, and badmouths the Federal Reserve any chance he gets. He doesn’t advocate abolishing it, like Ron Paul, but does advocate more transparency and accountability. Score: 4
  3. Foreign Policy and Iraq - Lawson is a non-interventionist and advocates a safe and immediate withdrawal from Iraq.  Score: 5
  4. Taxes - Supports efforts to transition to a point when income taxes are unnecessary. Supports some flavor of consumption tax, but has concerns about the Fair Tax. Score: 4
  5. Government Spending - Lawson supports a balanced budget amendment and ending deficit spending. Score: 5
  6. Privacy and Civil Liberties - Lawson says “no thanks” to the Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, Real ID, and FISA just like Ron Paul. Score: 5
  7. Immigration - Lawson is against amnesty for illegal aliens and points out that we need to end the welfare/economic incentives that encourage illegal immigration. Score: 5
  8. Gun Control and Second Amendment - Lawson is very close to Ron Paul here. He supports the 2nd Amendment and concealed carry laws, but is not completely explicit on ancillary gun control issues like trigger locks, background checks, and waiting periods. Score: 4
  9. Internet Regulation - Lawson does not support federally regulating Internet gambling. Lawson has stated that he supports Net Neutrality which is not something Ron Paul supports because he views it as more regulation. Score: 2
  10. Adherence To The Constitution - Lawson calls the Constitution the “rule book” for our country. Score: 5
  11. Religion vs. Public Policy - Lawson rarely, if ever, invokes religion in his rhetoric and policy positions. Score: 5
  12. Environment - Lawson advocates utilizing the court system and property rights as a defense for the environment just like Ron Paul. However, he also favors a Carbon tax which Ron Paul does not support. Score: 4
  13. Energy Policy - Lawson supports drilling wherever necessary and also recognizes that it isn’t the only solution. He does not speak out against Nuclear power and suggests we use all means to obtain more energy. Score: 5
  14. U.S. Sovereignty - Lawson does not seem to ever mention the NAU, but does mention protecting U.S. sovereignty. That is not good enough to score points though due to the stringent guidelines for this item. UPDATE: We received word from the Lawson campaign that he is 100% opposed to the NAU, therefore we update his score. Score: 5
  15. War On Drugs - Lawson advocates ending the war on drugs, leaving drug regulation to the states, and pardoning non-violent drug offenders just like Paul. Score: 5
  16. Education - Lawson advocates getting rid of the Department of Education and advocates more choice and home schooling. Score: 5
  17. Welfare Programs - Lawson advocates gracefully reducing welfare programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. He also advocates ending corporate welfare. Score: 5
  18. Abortion - Lawson is pro-life and will leave the decision of legalizing or prohibiting abortion to the states per the Constitution. Score: 5
  19. Health Care - Lawson is a Ron Paul twin on health care. He is against any nationalized plan and advocates free market approaches and returning medical decisions back to doctors and patients rather than health insurance companies. Score: 5
  20. Ability To Spread The Liberty Message - Lawson hands out pocket Constitutions during his campaign events. He is a very visible candidate campaigning throughout his district in North Carolina. There is no questioning his dedication to the liberty message. Score: 5

William “BJ” Lawson’s final Paul-O-Meter Score: 91 out of 99 possible points.

A score of 91 sounds to me like BJ lives up to his nickname of “Ron Paul Jr.”

Having met BJ at Ron Paul’s Rally for the Republic and having spoken with him about the issues, I can honestly say that if I lived in the Fourth District of North Carolina, I would be voting for BJ on November 4th.


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