America 2008-2012: Obama, You Want it? You Can Have It

Thats right. Barack Obama, I oppose most of what you stand for, especially your economic policies. Unless you are talking about Iraq or civil liberties I really do not find any of your policy stances likable, and even then I generally do not approve of your approach to the problems. You have taken a stand against upper middle class families who have worked their way to the top, yet you also stand with the various corporate interests. You have presented yourself as an African-American who understands how executive power can be abused, especially against minorities, yet when the power is almost yours you convienently approve of the abuse with policy stances and votes such as this years FISA legislation. Basically — if overall you are better than President Bush, then it is only marginally. No real change here, just the same old Beltway tactics repackaged under fancy graphic design.

So it may seem odd that I would say, as Burger King does, “HAVE IT YOUR WAY!”.

It’s taken months for me to come to terms with the reality that right now, losing the battle for the hearts and minds of voters this year (and a good candidate), may actually turn out to be “a win” come 8,16, 20 years down the road. The reasoning is based upon a simple look at the trajectory of the nation, especially the present fiscal crisis and the upcoming entitlement explosion, and realization that the situation will become much, much worse before it gets better. Mandatory spending is about to engulf the next several Presidencies. When the deleveraging we are currently enduring finishes, we will truly begin to see the negative effects of injecting trillions of dollars into the financial system with significant inflation. The economic problems of both past and present creation are too deep to solve without significant pain, and no mainstream political faction is willing to force the necessary sacrifices because of the political ramifications.

The ideology of both Nancy Pelosi and George Bush is to blame for the current and upcoming crisis. And quite frankly I do not want my ideas of limited government and free-markets to be blamed for the mistakes of the Capitol Hill cesspool. It is truly their problem, let them suffer the political beatup for their mistakes. I, on the other hand, will use my voice to warn others of the dangers they created and lay the groundwork for real political change as soon as the nation begins turns against Barack Obama and his inspired economic policies. So yes, Barack, you can have it your way, but only because it will help me have it my way in the future.

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