A view of the Ron Paul Revolution, Pt. I

So right off the bat, let me just disclose the following: I am a proud Ron Paul supporter. I’ve been aware of Dr. Paul since the turn of the century. I’ve been reading “Texas Straight Talk,” his weekly correspondence, for going on a decade, and have been known, from time to time, to actually call the number that has his weekly, pre-recorded message in order to actually hear the man, in his own words, speak those wonderful words of truth and freedom.

I was involved with the grassroots effort of his 2008 run and donated to that campaign and his congressional campaign as well. Now, four years later, I am currently serving as my county’s coordinator for the Georgia for Ron Paul grassroots group and have made multiple donations to the RP2012 campaign.

Simply put—I’m a fan.

For many out there, the Ron Paul Revolution is all but dead. A minor historical footnote. How wrong these people are.  For you see, this thing is still growing. It really is. Despite a virtual, media blackout and more dirty tricks by the GOP establishment than you can shake a stick at, this beautiful, organic phenomenon is still growing.

Let’s start with delegates. FOX News and many other outlets are grossly under-reporting Dr. Paul’s delegate count at around 50; however, CNN, as it has been during this entire cycle, has a more accurate count of 71. But they’re all wrong. We won’t know for sure until all of the district and state conventions wrap up, but Dr. Paul could very well be looking at a count in the several hundreds. It is most likely that the Paul campaign will have a strong majority of delegates in the following states: Colorado, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, and several others. Hell, if it goes to a contested convention with multiple ballots, there will be Ron Paul delegates waiting in the wings in the Georgia Delegation. And there are several contests left where Paul could pick up more delegates.

Speaking of the delegate process, I am proud to report that I served as a precinct and county delegate for Ron Paul and am an alternate to the Georgia GOP state convention next month. That’s a hell of a note considering that I was hated and reviled by most of the RP readers that frequent this blog for a previous column I wrote.

The biggest thing, to me, is the fact that despite all of the hindrances placed before the path of the Paul campaign, he was still able to do another “Money Bomb” this past weekend and raise a quick 1 and 1/2 Mil like it was nothing…he could probably do that once a month on top of the steady stream of contributions he gets everyday.

And then I think about California…that beautiful, twisted, dead-in-the-water state that Ron Paul recently visited and received crowds larger than any other candidate has even come close to. A state, that with enough money, he might have a real shot at winning. And the other biggest delegate prize left? Dr. Paul’s home state—Texas.

This thing is far from over.

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