Why I Am A Gun Owner And You Should Be Too

I spent my Easter at a shooting range about an hour west of my home. My wife had to work and I did not have plans to see family, so had some extra time to occupy myself with. I decided to put that extra time to use breaking a shotgun I purchased about a month for home defense. While my shoulder handled the 2 1/2 inch target shells pretty well, the 3 inch magnum 00 buckshot I shot pretty much made it raw.

While on my way to and from the range is a drive down a Mississippi country highway that takes me through mostly timberland and cattle country. While on that drive I got to thinking why I love guns so much. Was it because I liked the sensation and the sounds and smells of an explosion? If it was, I can get that thrill by using fireworks and I don’t buy fireworks. While I do enjoy shooting, the enjoyment alone obviously can’t be the reason why. I’m also not a hunter, so obviously that’s not why I own guns. The reason why I own firearms is simply because I can.

All throughout history, what has distinguished a free man from a slave or even a subject is the ability to possess and own weapons, or as the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution puts it, “to keep and bear arms”. You’re probably asking yourself, “how is this relevant in an age of tanks, drones, jet fighters, and other high-tech weapons?” Well, all those fancy weapons are controlled by people and all people die just the same once you strip away all the fancy technology. There are numerous examples of that in the 20th and already in the 21st century from France to Afghanistan. Subduing a free people, especially a well-armed people, is still very difficult.

Now the three types of guns you should own are; a .22 Long Rifle caliber weapon for simple and cheap marksmanship practice, a home and/or self defense weapon(s), and a militia duty weapon (aka a homeland security rifle).

The .22 caliber weapon is a must for any gun owner and as a matter of fact, it should be your first gun. Ammunition is cheap, usually less than $20 for a brick of 550 rounds or so. Both rifles and pistols are manufactured in that caliber. It is not only a good, cheap caliber with low recoil to learn how to shoot with, but you can also use a .22 to hunt small game such as rabbits and squirrels and for pest control in rural areas.

The next one on the list is a home and/or self defense weapon. For home defense, the best option in my humble opinion is a 12 gauge shotgun, either pump or semi-auto. However, a double barrel “coach gun” type works just as well and .410 bore also works well, with lighter recoil than the 12 gauge. I’m not too familiar with self-defense shells for 16 or 20 gauge to say anything either way. In addition, a handgun works well enough in a home defense situation and if you can get a model that is easily concealed, you’re really winning. I strongly urge my readers that choose to carry concealed weapons to please research and follow all applicable state and local laws.

Finally, there is your militia service weapon or your homeland security weapon. Yes, I am using the dirty “m” word and here’s why, because it’s appropriate for this type of weapon. Thanks to the outstanding propaganda effort by the so-called mainstream media, most people when they hear the word “militia” think of a bunch of anti-government, white supremacist nutjobs running around in fatigues espousing conspiracy theories and running around with guns. While these so-called “organized” groups do exist (and you should stay away from them, by the way, for many reasons), that is not what a militia is. A militia is simply an armed, volunteer body of men and women defending their community and country in a time of crisis. We have had the militia all throughout American history and they were generally under state and local control until 1903 when the National Guard created. The reason for having a militia are for arranging local defense in a Katrina-type situation when law and order have broken down.

Now what are “homeland security rifles”? They are semi-automatic, high magazine capacity rifles such as the AR-15 and its clones, the AK-47 and all of its derivatives, the FN FAL clones, and many other types of rifles on the market today. Another good choice is the M1 Garand which is an eight-shot capacity rifle used by the US during World War II and available through the Civilian Marksmanship Program. If you cannot afford these weapons, a military surplus bolt action rifle or even a .30-3o lever action rifle will suffice.

To answer the question why I own guns is to me, they are as much of a civic duty of citizenship as voting. It demonstrates that I am willing to be self-sufficient and I am willing to help protect my community and nation and my fellow Americans like a sheepdog guards the herd of sheep against the predators. Just as some people should not vote, gun ownership is not for everyone. If you choose to exercise that right, you have a moral obligation to train with your weapons and teach your household gun safety. But if you do exercise your right to keep and bear arms, you will become a freer and more self-reliant citizen, instead of a subject of the state.

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