Playing the Conservative Hate Card

As we near the South Carolina primaries, the media is abuzz with the drama unfolding among the Republican candidates for president, and the harsh attacks being leveled by each faction. Some see this as detrimental to the eventual Republican nominee, but I tend to disagree. In 2008, when Mitt Romney graciously stepped down and conceded to John McCain, it allowed the Republican Party to coalesce around “their man”, who promptly went on to get an Electoral College tail-whipping, losing 365-173 to a smooth-talking political neophyte with no record to speak of, but a catchy, feel-good slogan and the media on his side.

This year, make no mistake, the gloves are coming off, and the Republicans had better have a battle-tested candidate that is ready to go up against Obama. The “Hope and Change” campaign is no more, and Obama knows it. He now has a record that can be used against him, so rest assured, the absolute last thing he will focus on is that record. He’s accumulated more debt than every other president combined, signed off on a nearly trillion dollar stimulus bill that actually increased unemployment by more than two percent, the size of the federal government has grown by a quarter, and we have the scandals surrounding voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party, the Solyndra scandal, Fast and Furious, his latest unconstitutional power grabs, and more.

Since he can’t run on his record, so what will he do? My guess is, first, he will claim that while things have been bad under his administration, he has the right policies, and therefore it would have been even worse under Republicans. The second angle I believe he will use, and indeed we saw it implemented in part during the 2012 mid-term elections, is to paint his opposition as being against him because he is black, and because they are just bad people. Why that route? Because if you can demonize the messenger you can avoid having to address the message.

In response to my last article criticizing Obama for being a Chicago thug who has repeatedly trampled on the Constitution, a liberal friend responded that the real story was that I, and conservatives in general, hate Obama and want to see him fail, and are willing to destroy the country in order to ensure his failure. As corroboration of these claims, he posted an article from a popular, left-wing website, which claims that conservatives hate Obama more than they love America. Said author claimed this is because conservatives/Republicans are filled with hatred for Obama, gays, blacks, immigrants, Muslims, socialism and social justice, regulations, taxes, spending and the Government. He also said we hate “poor people, all of us, women, atheists and agnostics, Latinos, Muslims, Liberals, all of us, I think you hate every one who isn’t exactly like you, and I think you hate us more than you love your country.” I think the only think he didn’t accuse us of hating is the environment, but I am sure that was just an oversight.

There is no way to comprehensively address the pure idiocy of this mindless rage in this short space, but I’ll take a shot at it.

Conservatives and Republicans don’t hate Obama, we detest the things he stands for and has tried to impose on our country through corruption, bribery, class warfare incitement, lies, and executive fiat. We detest the disrespect he has shown for the greatness of America, for the sacrifices made by our military, and the dynamism of the free market economy. In short, his beliefs cause revulsion in us at a core level, so yes; we will absolutely fight him tooth and nail to retain our heritage.

We don’t hate blacks, just the opposite in fact. We are baffled that so many would remain slaves to the Democrat Party plantation. We are confused that they would monolithically support a party that tells them that they are not intelligent enough, strong enough, or hard-working enough to survive in this country without Democrats there to protect them as if they were little children. It is the Democrat Party that has betrayed the vision of Dr. King, and that demands we look at everyone through the prism of race, gender or sexual orientation. The Republican Party is the party of Lincoln, the party that gave blacks the right to vote, that elected the first black man to Congress. Too many Republicans fail to bring that message to the black community, and shame on us for it.

We do not hate Muslims, but we do fear a religion that, at least as evidenced by the actions of its practitioners and the scarcity of criticism within its ranks, seeks to use force and bloodshed to make it superior to all other religions, and which seeks to replace our constitutional government with one governed by sharia law.

We do not hate gays, but we do to object to attempts to undermine the bedrock of virtually every society, culture and nation throughout history; namely, a family composed of a father, a mother and children. We object to attempts to redefine marriage, to act as if traditional marriage was simply an archaic societal construct with no validity, or at least no more importance, than any other amalgam of interpersonal relationships. We believe that God made man and woman with unique characteristics and physical traits, opposite yet complimentary, and that both sets are required to produce well-balanced children.

We don’t hate Latinos, and we don’t hate immigrants. Immigrants are people that have followed our legal process, abiding by the rule of law. We do, however, oppose a lax policy towards illegal aliens, which makes our borders meaningless and puts our security at risk. We do oppose those that want to allow those from foreign countries to enter, legally or illegally, and then encourage them to segregate themselves from society, reject the adoption of their new nation’s language and heritage, and to in all senses of the word show allegiance to America.

We don’t hate taxes, regulations or government, but do declare that, as necessary infringements on our freedoms, we must keep them to an absolute minimum, and allow them only to exist and operate within the tightly bound confines of the Constitution.

We absolutely do hate socialism, because we have studied history and have seen how, in the name of “equality of outcome” and “social justice” the rights of the individual are crushed in the name of obeisance to the will of the collective. We believe that we are individual human beings, each created and endowed with rights by our Creator, and we adamantly reject the philosophy that makes us nothing more than little cogs in a giant government wheel. We also realize that socialism and its variants are responsible for the violent deaths of more than 100 million people in just over the last half century, and as such, we covenant to fight against its spread at all costs.

In short, we love America and its people. We love our Constitution and the rich heritage our Founding Fathers and subsequent generations left to us. We mourn the destruction of our rights in the name of security and charity. We love our fellow man, and feel it is our Christian duty to serve them, not because our government forces us to, but because our Savior, Jesus Christ, told us we must if we are to follow Him.

So buckle up people. Put on your big girl panties and your He-Man Underoos, put on your football helmets and get ready for the hard-hitting, rough and tumble world that will be politics in America this year. It will at times be thrilling, infuriating, and divisive, but our children and grandchildren deserve nothing less than a full restoration of the greatness that America once enjoyed.

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