GOP Presidential Power Rankings

With Mitt Romney expected to win tomorrow’s primary in New Hampshire, we’re back to taking a look at the race from a national perspective this week. As far as things go, many Republicans are resigning themselves to Romney winning the nomination as Rick Santorum, who finished a very close second in Iowa, doesn’t have the money to build a strong team in upcoming primary states.

What’s more, the latest polling from Rasmussen out of South Carolina shows Romney with a lead over Santorum and Gingrich, the latter dropping to third in that state. Ron Paul is fourth in the poll.

We’ve included the current delegate totals, per CNN’s projections, for each candidate below. We’ll update them next week after the New Hampshire primary. The number of delegates required to win the Republican nomination is 1,144.

Upcoming Primaries

  • 1/10: New Hampshire
  • 1/24: South Carolina
  • 1/31: Florida
  • 2/4: Nevada and Maine (caucus will last 2/4-11)
  • 2/7: Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri
  • 2/28: Arizona and Michigan

The Rankings

Mitt Romney (): As mentioned above, Romney will win New Hampshire tomorrow, very likely by a double-digit margin. A first or strong second place finish in South Carolina are signs of the inevitable; especially since, as Saturday evening showed, none of his opponents seem willing to really go after him. Super Tuesday is still important depending on who sticks around after South Carolina. Delegates Won: 18

Rick Santorum (): Even though New Hampshire was never fertile ground for Santorum, polls have showed that he has already hit his peak and was falling back down to earth. Will that translate to South Carolina? It’s hard to say, but his record has already been getting a lot of attention from grassroots conservatives; and many they don’t like what they see. Also, organization and money are still issues for Santorum heading into March. Delegates Won: 8

Newt Gingrich (): Just like Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry before him, Gingrich has had his thunder stolen. The good news for Gingrich is that Santorum hasn’t gotten the bump that other “Flavor of the Month” candidates have. So with that, Gingrich is still part of the conversation and there still very relevant. It’ll be interesting to see how far he takes his scorched earth campaign against Romney, which could hurt the GOP in the fall.  Delegates Won: 2

Ron Paul (): It’s hard to say that Paul’s third place finish in Iowa was disappointing. He built subtantially from 2008 and put together a top-notch organizations. It’s likely that Paul will come in second in New Hampshire, though Jon Huntsman has been gaining in recent days. After that, it’ll be interesting to see how Paul does in South Carolina up to Super Tuesday. Delegates Won: 7

Rick Perry (): Let’s face it, Perry didn’t exactly inspire confidence in his concession speech after a poor finish in the Iowa caucus. It’s likely that it cost him support, as many saw the writing on the wall. The chances of him sticking around after South Carolina, should he finish anything lower than third place, are very low. Delegates Won: 4

Jon Huntsman (): A second place finish in New Hampshire is possible for Huntsman, third may be more realistic. But after Iowa, there really isn’t much there for him, though he may stick around until the primary in Florida. But since he really hasn’t gotten a fair shake from conservatives, his campaign may soon be over. Delegates Won: 0

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