The Importance of Being Ronald Ernest Paul

There will be a lot of disappointed Ron Paul supporters  trying to make sense of the the Iowa Caucuses. Rick Santorum, liberal and warmonger (sorry for being redundant), came from nowhere to take second place after entrance polls showed Ron Paul on his way to a landslide victory in Iowa.

The disappointment is to be expected. Ron Paul supporters are emotionally, financially and physically invested in their candidate. Anything other than a decisive win is a disappointment. However, there is no rational reason to be down in the mouth or fatalistic.

The Iowa caucuses have proven that Ron Paul’s candidacy is one to be reckoned with. In every way, the establishment and old media have tried to tear down the man and his ideas only to be repudiated at every turn.

During caucus result coverage, Fox News trotted out every neoconservative hack available. Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer (does anyone notice he seems to have hired Micheal Jackson’s plastic surgeon?) and Karl Rove were put in front of cameras to explain that Ron Paul, whose campaign is fueled entirely by a grass-roots army, was not a serious candidate and “dangerous” to America.

Ironically, they were correct on one count. Ron Paul is dangerous to the Woodrow Wilson/Leon Trotsky communist wing of the Republican and Democrat establishment. Their attempt to cover up abject terror after considering their political and financial futures should a Ron Paul Presidency occur, was completely transparent.

If you watched any of the network coverage of the Caucuses, you would have seen that the whole body of establishment media hacks and ex-politicians in attendance attempted to treat Ron Paul as a pariah. Even Al Gore got into the act, claiming that ending the Federal Reserve was the kookiest idea ever and opining that a 20 year-old newsletter Paul didn’t write, which predicted the possibility of a race-war that Gore and his ilk have been trying to foment for decades, was something that needed further scrutiny.

But when the smoke cleared, Ron Paul emerged as a genuine “top tier” candidate with one of three tickets to the Republican nomination. His ideas won’t be marginalized and his supporters will not be deterred from supporting him with their lives, liberty and property.

The undeniable fact that the establishment now has to report, to maintain any credibility, is that Ron Paul is a formidable candidate.

In fact, going into the New Hampshire primaries, Ron Paul has established himself as the most serious candidate in the race. Promoting ideas that have been ridiculed and obfuscated for decades, his star is rising and after 30 years of public action, these crucial ideas are now being seriously discussed and debated.

None of his rivals, including the sitting President, want to debate these ideas. But as Ron Paul has pointed out (paraphrasing Victor Hugo), “An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government”.

Ron Paul’s candidacy represents a real and serious vehicle to save hundreds of thousands of lives in the US and abroad. Real humans will face death and imprisonment unless the policies and direction of what has become a tyrannical juggernaut, can be reversed.

The reason Ron Paul is so exciting to a growing number of people worldwide is that he is genuinely reaching their hearts. Where tyrants have for so many years enacted laws by appealing to the compassionate nature of their constituents, the people are recognizing in themselves and in Ron Paul what true compassion means. This is what has the establishment so terrorized and what has caused them to step up their efforts to snuff out what is left of the guarantees on freedom in the Constitution.

Iowa proved once and for all that there is a significant and serious opposition to the direction we have been headed.

There have always been compassionate, thoughtful people in the United States but they have rarely had any representative in government matching their compassion. Many politicians have talked about compassion, but their laws haven’t resulted in anything remotely resembling it. The number of voters who have seen through such sophistry can be directly attributed to the actions of one politician who not only preached it, but lived and voted it. In doing so, he taught us what compassion means in terms of political action. The importance of being Ronald Ernest Paul can never be understated.

It is precisely because of Ron Paul’s consistent, principled example that young and old are flocking to his aid. What makes him so dangerous to the establishment and so loved by his supporters is that he cannot be bought. Even after 30 years in Congress, the lobbyists know that they can find no comfort or solace in his office.

And this is also precisely why his supporters, even after feeling a bit bruised after the Iowa Caucuses, have no reason whatsoever to wear long faces. They will pick up their banners and march with him right into the Republican National Convention in the face of all odds. Odds which now, very conspicuously, are turning in their favor.

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