United Liberty’s Top 20 Most Read Posts from 2011

Yesterday, we went over the top 10 news stories from 2011, which were mainly about news and issues that made headlines this past year. This morning, we’re recapping our most read stories from 2011.

Being a libertarian-leaning blog, we touch on a variety of issues. From those of you that aren’t familiar with libertarianism, it is a philosophy grounded in individual liberty. We believe the individual is sovereign and has a right to pursue whatever lifestyle he chooses, provided that he doesn’t harm or disparage the rights of other sovereigns in the process. The belief in individual sovereign also extends to economic liberty and a belief in free markets.

With that said, our top posts from 2011 range from civil liberties issues, including the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and the Fourth Amendment, to defending free markets and fighting cronyism and corporatism in Washington and on Wall Street to covering Ron Paul’s presidential campaign and having an open discussing the libertarian philosophy.

We offer no additional commentary on these posts. If you would like to read them, just click on the title. Again, have a safe and happy new year.

  1. House Passes NDAA, White House Backs Off Veto Threats (Jason Pye)
  2. PJTV’s Alfonzo Rachel on Libertarians (George Scoville)
  3. Ron Paul: “I am the Commander in Chief” (Rick Fisk)
  4. Ron Paul Gets It Wrong On DOMA (Doug Mataconis)
  5. Ron Paul Supporters Cry Foul at Johnson’s Debate Inclusion (Marshall McCart)
  6. GOProud, libertarians and CPAC (Jason Pye)
  7. Washington Fat Cats are Getting Fatter (George Scoville)
  8. Herman Cain Defends the Federal Reserve (Jason Pye)
  9. Libertarian Purity (Tom Knighton)
  10. Goodbye Fourth Amendment (Tom Knighton)
  11. Mitch McConnell Snubs Rand Paul (Jason Pye)
  12. Why isn’t Paul a Serious Candidate? (Tom Knighton)
  13. Moderates and Other Creatures (Tom Knighton)
  14. States Should Treat ObamaCare Like REAL ID (Jason Pye)
  15. Ron Paul Could Do It (Jeremy Kolassa)
  16. Herman Cain Flip-Flops on Federal Reserve Audit (Jason Pye)
  17. Gibson Raid is About More Than Guitars (Tom Knighton)
  18. Occutards Show Up at BlogCon (Jason Pye)
  19. My Humble Apologies to Occupy Wall Street (Louis DeBroux)
  20. Is Mitt Romney trying to appeal to Trump backers on trade? (Jason Pye)

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