#NDAA: Leading to the #Holocaust?

Some folks over at MTV better lock up their doors, because a couple of videos they just created (EDIT: Apparently, these videos are old, but they are still incredibly relevant to what’s going on right now. Thanks, northnodes.) are making a very interesting argument about the National Defense Authorization Act, and I doubt that will keep them in the government’s good graces.

There’s the old Internet rule called “Godwin’s Law,” but after seeing what our government is trying to do, I’m not convinced anyone should ever bring it up.

On one hand, we have SOPA threatening to remove our internet access if we so merely link to a music video, and on the other, we have the NDAA threatening to lock us up on the whims of some government bureaucrat. Between them? Well, no it’s not that dwindling area of freedom, its the Transportation Security Administration, conducting its campaign of government sponsored sexual molestation at our nation’s airports.

If you asked me a year ago about where I thought this country was going and how I felt about where it was already, I would have told you that I was pessimistic for the short term and was depressed, but that we’d pull ourselves up and out of this hole we would have dug ourselves into. Now?

Now, I am, for the first time in my life, genuinely scared and terrified about where we are going as a nation. We cannot possibly know the consequences of these laws, if/when they are passed. The implications for civil liberties are huge, and cannot be understated.

I really wonder what it was like to be in Germany during the 1930s. What did the Germans then see? What did they hear? What was going on in their media? What were they being told by their politicians? What lies were being spouted about national security and restoring prosperity?

I have no answers to tell you. I have no instructions to give you. All I can say is good luck, trust in yourselves, and if you makes you feel better, call the president and your elected representatives in Congress—but don’t expect anything from them. They’ve already demonstrated they do not care about individual rights.

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