Herman Cain makes embarassing gaffe on Libya policy

Even without the past allegations of sexual harassment surfacing, it’s been a rough last couple of weeks for Herman Cain. Commentators knocked his poor performance in Saturday’s debate and his poll numbers are starting to fall, though largely a result of the afforementioned allegations.

To make matters worse, Cain stumbled horribly on a question dealing with Libya during a meeting with the editorial board at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, in the midst of a Midwestern campaign swing, stumbled badly Monday when attempting to answer a question about whether he agreed or disagreed with President Barack Obama’s approach to handling the Libyan crisis.

Meeting with Journal Sentinel reporters and editors before fundraising appearances in Milwaukee and Green Bay, Cain was discussing foreign policy in general when he was asked specifically about Obama’s handling of Libya.

Cain paused for some time, then wanted to clarify that Obama had supported the uprising. Clearly struggling to articulate a response, Cain paused again, saying “got all of this stuff twirling around in my head.”

Finally, Cain said: “I would have done a better job of determining who the opposition is. And I’m sure that our intelligence people had some of that information. Based upon who made up that opposition… might have caused me to make some different decisions about how we participated. Secondly, no I did not agree with (Moammar) Gadhafi killing his citizens. Absolutely not… I would have supported many of the things that they did to help stop that.”

Given that this is Wisconsin and what went on there earlier this year, Cain also made another misstep when he said that public-sector workers should have collective bargaining rights.

And unfortunately, Cain is returning to a familiar theme from early in his campaign by knocking Muslims, a religious group that he says harbors extremist views. Most Republicans would never admit it, but Herman Cain winning the nomination would have been a disaster for the Republican Party. The guy alienates too many Americans and often comes across like he doesn’t know exactly what even he believes.

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