More video of Occupy Denver at BlogCon

They came back just after 5pm yesterday evening. Unlike earlier in the day when things got a little tense, this was peaceful for the most part and I think there was some genuine discussion from some folks on each side.

After doing the “mic check,” a creepy part of the protests where the words of the speaker are repeated by the rest of the group, Occupy Denver acknowledged that the tea party was created a result of frustration with bailouts. They also expressed opposition to Barack Obama, which was met with cheer from those of us outside.

You can watch most of their protest in the video below:

I spoke to a medicinal marijuana patient that was part of the group. I told her that I believe the War on Drugs was a failure and that I didn’t believe that she should be threatened with jail time for using what relieved her of whatever pain she was in. But then she told me that it needed to stay out of corporate hands, but instead remain “private.” I explained to her that corporations were private entities, which she refused to acknowledge.

Another lady in the group, who seemed very interested in discussion — unlike those we met earlier in the day, explained that the few people in the group that were being confrontational with some of us were not representative of the entire group.

I’m told that the Occupy Denver crowd is larger on the weekends. We’ll see if they come back around tomorrow.

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