Occutards show up at BlogCon (more video below)

As was anticipated, Occupy Denver showed up at BlogCon, though a little earlier than expected. A handful of them tried to force their way into the conference, but they were turned away; but not before engaging some of us. Unfortunately, they didn’t bring their leader with them (looks like the $10 I spent on dog treats went to waste).

You can probably tell who is who, as far as BlogCon attendees and the so-called Occupiers.  Steven Crowder and Stephen Kruiser can be seen engaging the Occupiers in the video below:

After 20 minutes or so of “occupation,” the protesters left the building, being followed by BlogCon attendees. I’ll post more video from others as soon as they become available:

[UPDATE] The police did show up, by the way:

Police at BlogCon

[UPDATE II] Julie Borowski just posted this video:

[UPDATE III] Via Ed Morrissey, at least one arrest was made (video of that here). And a high school teacher, apparently part of the OWS crowd, brought some students along with her. You can see some photos of the protest over at Publius Forum.

[UPDATE IV] Welcome Instapundit readers!

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