Hey Nancy, why didn’t Democrats pass a budget?

A frequent criticism of congressional Democrats from conservatives is that they didn’t pass a budget during their time in power. In fact, it has been over two years since Congress acted on one of its most basic functions. Keep in mind that Democrats held substantial margins in both chambers for two years, so there was really is no excuse to pass Continuing Resolution after Continuing Resolution.

Of course, if you listen to ex-Speaker Nancy Pelsoi, who discussed the subject with Jon Stewart on Wednesday, it’s all Republicans’ fault:

This is relevant because Republicans on the Super Committee have made some substantial concessions in a tax reform deal that would raise taxes, through closing loopholes, by $500 billion. This is a political risk for Republicans as it risk alienating their base, who is rightfully upset at the prospect of raising taxes. Many would no doubt agree that tax reform is a great idea, provided that the revenues are used to finance lower tax rates, not send more money to be wasted by bureaucrats and statists in Washington.

Unsurprisingly, Democrats have rejected the idea and walked away from the table; choosing instead to make this a political issue in the upcoming election. Sadly, this was their plan from the start, and it’s also why Republicans were foolish to sign off on the Super Committee since it was never intended to be a vehicle for enacting serious deficit reduction ideas, rather just another tool for class warfare.

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