More Random Musings and a Rebuttal

I have a confession to make…I love hate mail. I actually get disappointed if I go too long without getting a really nasty e-mail from someone. Hate mail means that I have challenged someone’s assumptions at a core level. Hopefully this irritates them enough to do research to try and mount an effective rebuttal, and in the process hopefully learn new truth. I don’t even care if hate mail comes from the political left or right. We all need our assumptions challenged. I used to be a die-hard advocate of the War on Drugs, until I looked at the facts and saw how it had failed at its stated purpose of reducing drug use, while simultaneously being used to destroy constitutional rights with such things as asset forfeiture laws, which allows government to accuse you of drug related activity, seize your assets, and then make you spend enormous money fighting them to prove your innocence and regain your property. Most people just give in to this tyranny.

Last week I offered some random thoughts, and I figured I’d do more of the same this week. However, before I do, I’ll respond to a few comments from an angry reader of last week’s article. The reader took exception to my mockery of the Occupy Wall Street protestors, accusing me of misrepresenting them. She said I ignored “corporate greed” and oppression of the poor, and asked “about all the corporations that want more and more from the general public”. She was upset that I pointed out that the socioeconomic demographic with the highest obesity rates is those below the poverty line, and claimed that it’s cheaper to eat junk food than to eat healthy fruits and vegetables.

As for the OWS protestors, I actually sympathize with their position against corporate bailouts. In fact, another big protest group, the TEA Party, has been protesting that for about two years, with the only difference being that the media paints them as violent racists while ignoring the actual violence and anti-social behavior of the OWS protestors. The problem I have with the OWS movement is that it complains about corporate bailouts, then turns around and demands bailouts for themselves. They want their student loans forgiven, and free healthcare, and high paying jobs regardless of the value they bring to their employer. Government can’t give any good or service to someone without it having been taken from someone else. These OWS protestors aren’t against greed; they just demand that the recipients be themselves. They seem ignorant of the fact that a major reason unemployment is so high is because heavy taxes on small businesses (which create about three quarters of all new jobs) is used to bail out politically connected corporations, which takes capital out of the private market that otherwise would have been used to expand business and add jobs.

Concerning the claim that “corporations…want more and more from the general public”, of course they do! They want to grow! Growth brings in profits which can be used to grow more. Growth creates jobs! We all want more. That is human nature. It should be noted that that in a true free market, corporations can only get “more and more” from the general public by creating a product or service that drives demand, like the iPhone or iPad, the Ford F150, or the Chick-Fil-A sandwich. People willingly give up their money because they want that product more than they want their money, and the corporations want the consumers’ money more than they want their products. It is a voluntary transaction where both parties feel they came out ahead. The free market is not a zero sum game. The exception is when corporations get consumer money by force, and that can only occur when they lobby government to exert force in their behalf. So the problem is not corporations, it’s government which takes from taxpayers and gives to corporations in exchange for political donations and power brokering.

The claim that junk food is less expensive than healthy food is pure nonsense. My wife and I have eight children, and in the twenty years we’ve been married she’s cooked fried food exactly zero times. It is a point of pride that half my kids have never eaten at McDonald’s. We make meals at home that are filled with fresh fruits and vegetables and lots of grains, and my kids are very healthy because of it. After checking our budget, I found we feed a family of ten on about $1000/month, which comes to $11.11 per meal, or $1.11 per person per meal. So for less than the cost of two McDonald’s “value meals”, we feed a family of ten home-cooked, healthy food. So it is simply a myth that eating healthy is more expensive.

Now, for a few more random thoughts…

Joe Biden says Republican obstructionism will lead to more rapes and murders if the $447 billion Obama “jobs” bill is not passed. The problem is that only $5 billion, according to Democrat Harry Reid, will go to “retain” police and firefighters, not add more. Unless these cops are clairvoyant and can see into the future to when and where these murders and rapes will occur, they won’t be reducing them. It should also be noted that Biden made these comments in Flint, Michigan, which spent the $2.2 million it received from last stimulus on…electric buses. Unfortunately those buses were never delivered because the bus company went out of business, despite a $1.6 million taxpayer loan.

Obama has been lionized by liberal media pundits and intelligentsia as “the smartest guy ever to become president” whose “IQ is off the charts”, who is “sort of God” and a man for whom the presidency was “a step down”. Yet this was a man whose credentials included being a student at Harvard, being a “community organizer”, getting elected to the Illinois state senate (where his most notable accomplishment was speaking against a bill that would have required physicians to give life-saving care to babies that survived abortion attempts), and then being elected to the U.S. Senate. He never held an executive position, never ran a business. His presidency has yielded sustained high unemployment and more debt accumulation in three years than every president from George Washington to George H.W. Bush combined.

By contrast, liberals mock Herman Cain as the Republicans’ “token black man” who is used to deflect charges of racism. This TEA Party favorite is a man that grew up in Atlanta as the son of poor parents who worked service jobs to provide for basic needs. He graduated from Morehouse College with a mathematics degree, earned a Master’s degree in computer science from Purdue “while working full-time developing fire control systems for ships and fighter planes for the Department of the Navy.” He then went into business, turning around Burger King franchises in Philadelphia and later resurrecting Godfather’s Pizza. He also served as chairman of the board for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

So, while the presidency does not require a man who is an economist or a rocket scientist, if it did, Herman Cain would be your man. It makes one wonder why liberals attempt to tear down a black man of such great accomplishment.

Finally, why is it that on the television show “House”, no matter how bizarre the case or confusing the symptoms, Dr. House always has sarcoidosis or lupus as one of the initial diagnoses? One would think after 158 episodes without that being discovered as the actual cause, he’d throw them out of his Top Ten.

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