Terrorists do not hate us for our freedoms

During the debate on Monday evening, Ron Paul was booed by many in the room for pointing out that our foreign policy towards the Middle East has largely served as the motive for terrorist attacks against the United States. Seeking an opportunity to score some political points by demagoguing what Paul said, Rick Santorum claimed that Paul was blaming America for 9/11 and repeated the common talking point that terrorists hate us for our freedoms. You can watch video of the exchange here.

Paul didn’t blame America for anything, and Santorum knows it. Moreover, Islamic terrorists don’t hate us for our freedoms. Anyone that has spent 10 minutes reading up on Islamic terrorism can figure that out. But if you don’t believe me, listen to Michael Scheuer; who served as head of Alec Station, commonly referred to as the CIA’s “Bin Laden Unit.”

Scheuer has written a few books on the subject, including Through Our Enemies Eyes and Imperial Hubris; both were written while he was still employed by the CIA. He’s since put out another book, Osama bin Laden. Chalmers Johnson’s book, Blowback, also goes into detail explaining that it is indeed our foreign policy that serves as the motive for terrorism. Does that make terrorism okay? Not at all, but it does teach us that our leaders have steered us down a troubled path with their decisions.

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