First they’re Hobbits, now they’re…Zombies?

I’ve seen a lot of tasteless things in my life. Donald Trump, for instance. Former Rep. Alan Grayson’s remarks about, well, everything. Christian pastors blaming 9/11 and earthquakes on “teh gayz.” (And, for that matter, the entire Westboro Baptist Church.) The Socialist Weasel.

And then, there is this. A so-called “game” entitled Tea Party Zombies Must Die.



I really can’t look at it myself, so I just read the Kotaku blog post on it and got my information from there. I’ll admit it, I’m shameless. I listened to the Scorpions when Hurricane Irene battered my apartment building. But this is just a whole `nother bag of snakes.

Clearly, somebody wasn’t paying attention when President Obama, the Democratic Party, and the entire left-wing chattersphere went on and on about “civility” and the “new tone” (granted, I don’t think many of them were paying attention either, especially Obama) that we all needed to share. And now somebody is making a video game that explicitly targets conservative leaders.

Look, I may not like the guys either, but I’m not going to take a schwack at them. That’s just messed up. We’er America. Aren’t we supposed to be able to deal with our problems by sitting down and talking about it, in the grand tradition of the Framers? Aren’t we supposed to leave blowing up political opponents to third world countries, to which we shall then invade and spank mercilessly until they have properly matured? If this is the future path of the United States right here, maybe you should count me out. Just because I’m a pro-gun libertarian doesn’t mean I want to use it (outside of the firing range, anyways.)

The creators of this “game” should join the hysterical TV and newspaper pundits, a certain few politicians, and the Wisconsin labor unions in being ashamed of themselves for this idiocy. Not that they will, I’m sure, but they should. Right there next to the Bush era conservatives who denounced any critics of Bush’s moronic foreign affairs and national security policy as “un-American.”

All that watery punditry, though, is really just a sideshow. There is a much, much larger problem we have here, one that truly is a threat to the United States. One that should terrify liberals and conservatives alike: you put boobs on Newt Gringrich‽ What in the name of Paul Krugman (wgah’nagl fhtagn) were you thinking? It was already bad enough, now you have to add nightmare fuel to it? You make so sick I want to puke in a trash bin and then contemplate enforcing obscenity laws. Which then makes me so sick I want to puke in an even bigger trash bin, and so on and so on ad nauseum.

I mean, really.

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