Mark Neumann to run for US Senate in Wisconsin

If Tommy Thompson does decide to make a run for the open Senate seat in Wisconsin, he’ll have more than just token opposition as former Rep. Mark Neumann confirmed this morning that he will seek the Republican nomination:

Former Rep. Mark Neumann announced Monday that he is running for Wisconsin’s open Senate seat, setting up a likely GOP primary battle with former Gov. Tommy Thompson.

“We are going to enter the race for the United States Senate,” Neumann said Monday morning on WTMJ-AM in Milwaukee.

Neumann, who is the first major candidate to enter the race, said he will be announcing his campaign team in the next few weeks, adding, “We’re off and running.”

The Club for Growth has already been very criticial of Thompson since talk of a campaign started. Back in May, they rightfully knocked him as a big government Republican. The day after releasing the statement, the Club released a web ad featuring President Barack Obama noting Thompson’s support of his health care “reform” proposal. Thompson, of course, denies any support for ObamaCare.

Last week, the Club for Growth announced an buy in Wisconsin knocking Thompson’s big government record, also including the aforementioned footage of Obama. They also released a new web ad noting then-Gov. Thompson supported bailing out dog tracks.

Now that Sen. Orrin Hatch is not going to have a top-tier opponent and is a safer bet for re-nomination, grassroots and advocacy groups may turn their attention, as they have many times this year, at Wisconsin. Thompson isn’t going to have an easy go of it in the primary

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