Ed Schultz tries to create controversy, fails miserably

Most of us have become used to the “race” card being played by supporters of President Barack Obama when we speak out against his agenda. It’s been frequently used tactic since before he won the nomination. I’m used to it and typically brush it off. However, there are occasionally times where someone screams “racism” when

While giving a stump speech, Rick Perry said that he would a  “pro-business president” and work to pay off our substantial national debt, which he referred to as a “black cloud.” MSNBC host Ed Schultz played this clip on his show, cutting the clip off the speech right after the “black cloud” reference and said, “that black cloud that Perry is talking about is President Barack Obama.”

Here is the clip:

Seriously, this actually went down? Sigh. Admittedly, I don’t watch the news, local or national. I collect stories that interest me online, so I’m sure there is some equally absurd claim out there from Fox News. But no one in their right mind can take what Perry said as a racist slur. At all. End of story.

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