Lemonade stand shut down in Georgia

In Midway, Georgia, local police have stopped a crime cold.  No, they didn’t thwart a jewel heist in progress.  They didn’t stop a murder.  The instance I’m talking about doesn’t even catching the guy who knocked over a convenience store.  No, they stopped some really hardened criminals.  They got a couple of kids with a lemonade stand.

Three Midway girls wanted to pay for a trip to a water park.  They needed money, so the set about making it.  They were going to make it the old fashioned way. They wanted to earn it.  However, they didn’t get a business license, a peddler’s permit, or a food permit.  That is a $50 per day cost, or $180 per year according to Fox-5 in Atlanta that reported this vigilance of local police officers.

This isn’t particularly unusual either.  This has happened, and for similar reasons, all over the country.  Lemonade stands, which once were a great way to teach kids how to actually make money for themselves, now serve as a harsh lesson in governmental control.  No business is allowed to start up without the government extracting it’s pound of flesh first.

Make no mistake, the Midway Police are part of the problem as well.  In most communities, police do act with enough discretion to recognize a couple of kids with a lemonade stand and let it go.  Few people honestly expect a kid’s lemonade stand to have been inspected by the health department or any such thing.  They purchase it because they want to help out a couple of kids who aren’t asking for a handout, but hoping to make an honest buck.  Most local cops see it, maybe smile to themselves, and move on…if they don’t buy a glass of lemonade themselves.

However, Midway PD didn’t do that.  They flexed their legal muscles on three little girls and shut down the lemonade stand that wasn’t hurting a soul.  I hope their local folks are extremely proud of them for such a stand against illegal activity.  I mean, they didn’t catch Osama bin Laden, but three little girls who only wanted to go to a water park is an excellent consolation prize, right?

I’m quite sure the people of Midway, Georgia feel so much safer at night now.

Hat Tip to Peach Pundit.

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