The Debt Debate, “Cut Cap Balance,” and Bush (Video)

As the debt debate continues with no end in sight (not even Aug. 2nd) some people are getting understandably upset. They want to know who to blame, and if anything that’s come up so far will actually fix the problem. Well, I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that the Cato Institute has come out with another outstanding video on the situation. The bad news is that you have to blame everybody, and no, there isn’t really a good solution coming out yet:

Again, there will be no dismantling of unconstitutional (or just flat out bad) programs and departments, just “trimming” around the edges, which won’t be good for the long term as they’ll a piece of cake to overcome. The “Cut Cap Balance” idea is a good start, but the Democrats will never go for it, and it’s only that—a start.

I think the best part of this is that Mitchell points out that the dramatic growth in government over the last century was done not by Obama or another Democrat, but by George W. Bush, a Texas Republican. It’s something that conservatives need to be hit over the head with time and time again, and I think, finally, we are getting some traction on that front. (I’ve told anyone who would listen—few, since I’m a nutty libertarian—that the GOP has done more damage than the Democrats ever could. Why? Because they used free market rhetoric to cloak their blatantly corporatistic and statist policies, thus making it more difficult for other free market defenders to, well, defend the concept. Then again, it was a Democrat in the 1930’s who started this whole idea of government meddling in every aspect of our lives…)

Disclaimer: I was previously an intern at the Cato Institute, and am still good friends with people there. Especially since they liked it when I ate the chocolate they couldn’t eat.

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