“We shouldn’t be partisan, We should solve problems.”

Those were the words of President Obama in an interview with WSB-TV.  He was talking about the debt ceiling and budget negotiations, but that quote really stuck out to me.  You see, I agree with the statement.  However, I have to wonder if President Obama does.

This is the same man who told congressional Republicans that he won and that they should get over it.  For the record, there was no question that he won.  They were talking about how Republicans had issues with TARP II.  Glad to see he wasn’t being partisan then, but just solving problems.

I guess he wasn’t being partisan when he passed a massive health care overhaul that 54% of the American people didn’t want in the first place.  That number is virtually unchanged even now.  I’m sure though that it wasn’t partisanship, but solving problems.  What was the big problem facing the nation when health care reform was passed?  Oh yeah, the loss of so many jobs…most of which weren’t in health care in the first place.

The truth of the matter is that President Obama, like every president I can remember before him, is partisan.  So are the guys on the other side of the table.  It’s politics and that’s just how it works.  Do I agree that it shouldn’t be about partisanship?  Oh yeah.  It absolutely should be about solving problems…but that’s where the partisanship kicks in.

If people didn’t have opinions about how to solve problems, there wouldn’t be any partisanship.  We have a problem.  You want to solve it one way, and I want to solve it another.  POOF!  Instant partisanship.  That’s how political parties form in the first place.  They’re just a group of people with similar ideas on how to solve the problems.

What President Obama meant to say was that they shouldn’t be partisan, they should solve problems his way.  That’s all calls for bipartisanship ever are.  They’re nothing more than a polite way to say the other side should shut up and do it the way the person in question wants.  It doesn’t matter if they’re Republican, Democrat, or Hari Krishna.

That’s all President Obama wants.  He wants Republicans to vote to raise the debt ceiling, make no substantial spending cuts, increase taxes on the rich (despite that not solving a damned thing), and just generally shut up about the whole mess.  That’s not surprising either, because that’s what President Obama does.  But he shouldn’t be surprised to find that his opposition is actually opposing him on this.

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