Greetings, Earthlings—I mean, United Libertarians

Hello. My name is Jeremy, and I’m a libertarian.

But let’s not make this sound like a twelve-step group here. That’s for everybody else.

I want to thank editor Jason Pye for bringing me on here with this wonderful group of liberty activists, bloggers, and people who are starting to reclaim the word “pundit.” I hope to live up their standards and yours.

A little about myself. I’m a young writer in the DC metro area, and a former Cato intern. You may have seen me on Twitter (@jdkolassa) or on my new blog, Quantum Matrix Scribe. Some of you may have seen my opinion piece in the Daily Caller on how entitlement programs are going to harm the country’s youth. As a youngin’ myself—I just graduated last year from SUNY Albany, or as I call it, “Scooby-Doo U”—one of my great concerns is that the last half-century of failed public policy is going to doom my generation and those who follow me to a life of poverty, as we try to pay back our outrageous debt yet are hamstrung at every turn.

I’m also a science fiction writer, so you can expect a few pieces on liberty in literature and culture here as well. Pop culture has an amazing influence on our society, and you can readily pick up political philosophies and how they relate to public policy. Very subliminal, quite sublime. (And if you want a taste of my science fiction, here’s a quirky piece I wrote while still in high school.)

Again, thanks to Jason Pye, and of course, you readers, for having me here. Now that the prologue is over, let’s move on to chapter one.

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