Ron Paul: Gary Johnson should be debating in New Hampshire

During a campaign stop over the weekend in Manchester, New Hampshire, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) came to Gov. Gary Johnson’s defense after being excluded in tonight’s debate:

As a candidate four years ago, Paul was shut out of some Republican primary debates, but he said his credibility has grown since then, in part because of numerous television appearances over the last three years.

He told a reporter that former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson should be allowed into Monday’s debate, which is sponsored by the New Hampshire Union Leader, CNN and WMUR.

“He should be there. He’s been a governor for two terms,” Paul said.

Johnson’s campaign has been fighting back against being excluded, but it doesn’t seem like CNN and other debate sponsors are budging; despite the fact that the former two-term Governor of New Mexico meets the necessary polling criteria for inclusion. What’s more, Johnson is the only candidate of those recently polled, including Bachmann, Cain Palin, Romney, that is popular in their home state (Rep. Paul was not included for some strange reason).

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