It must be something in the water

I recently attended an anti-big Government spending and taxing rally “put-on” sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots of Northern California. I thought it was being held at the capitol, amongst the cool tree shaded grounds, for maximum political effect, but unfortunately the powers that be had herded the capons to a sun baked stretch of the state fairgrounds. Where anyone who wasn’t a Tea Party member wouldn’t even know there was a tea party being held in Sacramento. It has been suggested that the real reason for the unfortunate location was the fact that the enormously profitable gigantic vendor tent wouldn’t have fit in front of the Capitol.

Upon attempting to display my sign which read on one side, “THE DOG ATE THE $38 BILLION ‘BUDGET CUT’” and on the other side, “HOUSE REPUBLICANS (RINOS) NO BALLS, NO BONER”, I was approached by the thought police in the form of a little red-shirted moron who informed me that I would have to shield the “Balls” side of the sign from view because we didn’t want to “give the press any excuse to attack us”. Apparently the moron didn’t realize that the statist press already hates the tea party, considers us the enemy, and that no amount of groveling will ever satisfy them, only our complete disappearance from the political scene. (Note: Should the temptation arise to agree with the red shirted surrender monkey, I would suggest consulting Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary or Webster’s Third New International Dictionary so as to avoid having to pull one’s foot out of one’s mouth.)

Another example of an attack against the First Amendment made by the Red Coats of King Mettler III’s Army was a clever sign with Obama’s Picture on it which read, “DOES THIS ASS MAKE MY SIGN LOOK TOO BIG?” carried by a true patriotic woman. She was required to censor her sign by covering the two S’s. After that she left the event presumably to look for True Tea Party Patriots who were serious about saving the Republic.

At least two speakers, demonstrating the ultimate in political stupidity, spent part of their valuable time defending the Tea Party against false charges leveled by the statist enemy thereby falling into the leftist trap. Heads up bozos, you cannot win a defensive war, but must always stay on the offensive, ignore the slander, and take the battle to the statist enemy. Never let your enemies define you. Our Country and Constitution are too important and precious to be left to those arrogant neophyte leaders whose “intentions are good.” The road to hell for these United States is paved with the good intentions of such dunderheads as the Mettlers of this world and their pantywaist Tea Party Patriots.

Curiously, there was a dearth of traditional tea party American Revolutionary era flags at the event. (To Provocative?) However, the American Flag drop from high in the sky was a beautiful event. Unfortunately, it was too marred by the fact that the vast majority of those looking toward the sky failed to notice the huge quantities of aerosols which were being sprayed over their heads and had been sprayed all day long. (Doubt this? Read the June 5th, 2010 Science News and the Wilson Quarterly Spring 2007, issues. Even my local socialist congressman confirmed what the government was doing in a letter dated May 7th 1999, “Where have you been?”)

The final insult to TRUE Tea Party Patriots everywhere was conducting a ceremony which would have caused the founding fathers (Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, Et al) to spit upon the participants scornfully. These great patriotic individualists would have been aghast by the ideological monstrosity first proposed by socialist Francis Bellamy in 1892, whose accompanying salute morphed into the Nazi Salute. This was very embarrassing to Congress in 1942, when fascist Hitler was fighting fascist Roosevelt, so they changed it. If you want to be a true Tea Party Patriot, understand that under our system, we the people are the masters of the Republic and our public servants swear to abide by their contract with us, the Constitution. Since we are free individuals, the public servants who constitute the individual parts of what collectively we call the government, with its logo the flag, owe their allegiance to us, the masters, and not the other way around as is done in all the totalitarian, collectivist, statist, and monarchical countries around the world.

Know what it means to be a true patriot, to love and cherish the uniqueness of the American system which had never existed in all the dark and soul destroying history of the world and not sabotage it, your basic freedom premises, and yourself by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance as the progressives, socialists, and statists intended you to do. Do not be tricked. The pledge is a psychological ploy, a self-brainwashing technique or programming device designed to induce you to voluntarily surrender your independent mind, individual freedom and liberty, to reduce you from a sovereign individual with unalienable Rights to that of a lowly subservient subject of the state. They have foisted this philosophical poison pill upon you to make easier the eventual defeat and destruction of the American system. Remember what is written on the walls of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. “I have sworn upon the altar of Almighty God, eternal hostility toward every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag is just one form of those tyrannies. The little red moron was another. In short, stop shooting yourself in the foot like a fool, but wake up and act like the true American patriots of which the Founding Fathers would have been proud.

Read Animal Farm and avoid being sheep, if you want to be a true Tea Party Patriot. Ever wonder why most graduates of government schools today have never read it? The statist noose is quickening.

As for the water, if the thyroid is suppressed, your metabolism is suppressed. If your metabolism is suppressed, your brain function is suppressed. If your brain function is suppressed, you are dumbed down. If you are dumbed down, you are easily ruled or controlled. Fluoridated water suppresses the thyroid. Besides drinking it, fluoridated water is absorbed through the skin in baths and showers. (Note: Fluoridated toothpaste is absorbed through the mucus membrane in your mouth). Sacramento has a highly fluoridated water supply. Incidentally, thousands of gallons of this Sacramento water are shipped all over California for the express purpose of putting it into your babies. (A cute picture of a baby is put on every gallon jug). Hopefully, you will be able to follow this chain of reasoning unless, of course, you have ingested too much fluoridated water. If you have, please go some place to “Dry Out” and stop hindering those of us who are trying to save our beloved Republic.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the facts that our politicians in Sacramento don’t make sense and can’t balance a budget were due to the fluoridated water having made them null and void? If the water had brought the “moonbeam” to the Brown?

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