Soak the rich? Or class warfare?

In any time of financial crisis, there’s a rallying cry to “soak the rich”.  The wealthy are an easy target because there’s relatively few of them and they’ve got money.  The poor resent the wealth of the so-called rich (not everyone described as rich really is all that rich).  It’s “unfair” that they have so little while those few have so much.  Income disparity is used as evidence that our system is somehow flawed.  However, the class warfare has got to stop.

Yes, there are rich people.  And yes, they often have the means to get out of paying all the taxes they might be supposed to pay via tax shelters, charitable donations, etc.  That’s not the point.  Let’s leave off tax rates and things of that sort and focus on some simple facts.

I’ve been accused of kissing rich people’s butts because I actually admire what so many of them have done.  They built massive corporations, often from the ground up.  Or they helped them grow into bigger companies.  They are what Ayn Rand termed as “producers” in the grandest sense of the word.  They’re not a factory worker who simply takes pride in their job.  They are the producers of jobs for those factory workers.

However, there’s been an effort throughout the years to vilify these producers.  There’s been an extreme effort to paint them as evil because they have achieved more than the rest of us.  That is one of the purest sins: avarice.  Those who seek to tear down the rich do so because the rich have what they themselves are missing…or think they’re missing.  They seek to destroy what these producers have built because they feel that these same producers aren’t doing enough.

Let’s be honest folks.  Most people in America either works for the government, some non-profit, or for a company started by some guy.  Most folks work for companies started by some guy.  That some guy set out to get rich.  That greed that is assaulted every day by those who feel the wealthy aren’t doing enough created the jobs that employ so many of us.  They created what we think of as our modern world, from the skyscrapers we look at in the city skyline to the personal computers we use to complain about the “evils of capitalism”.

Those who seek to tear down the wealthy are engaging in pure class warfare as a means of doing nothing but scoring points with those who don’t have.  Nothing more, nothing less.

That’s not to say the wealthy are perfect by any means.  They’re human.  They have flaws just like the rest of us.  For some, there’s attitudes that they’re better than the rest of us that they need to be disabused from…something the rest of us don’t have in the least.  However, some of them being asses doesn’t change a thing about what they provide.  The truth is that while the rich wouldn’t be rich without the workers, the workers would starve without the rich.

Chew on that for a little while.

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