Those Pesky No Fly Zones

The following editoral was made available on the State of Georgia Tea Party’s Facebook account and has been re-posted here with permission.

Much is made of the 2011 No Fly Zone over Libya. President Obama says that he imposed the No Fly Zone over Libya to prevent Mummar Ghadaffi from killing innocent civilians. There is one problem with this statement – No Fly Zones don’t prevent dictators from killing innocent civilians and a No Fly Zone is wholly incapable of preventing mass slaughter of civilians. Sadaam Hussein killed tens of thousands of Iraqi Marsh Arabs, Shites, and Kurds under our No Fly Zone in Iraq from 1991 to 2003. Likewise the No Fly Zone did nothing to stop ethnic cleaning in Bosnia from 1993-1995.    A No Fly Zone accomplishes one thing, it keeps people from flying fixed wing aircraft within airspace that you don’t want them to fly in – helicopters are a different problem.  In reality No Fly Zones have been around since the invention of the airplane, we just called it something else until 1991.  It should be mentioned that prior to No Fly Zones we had No Float Zones and No Boot Zones.

The first No Fly Zones we’re over the battlefields of Northern France in WW 1. The Allies wanted to keep Germans from flying airplanes over France, Belgium, and Luxembourg, so they established a No Fly Zone and shot down as many German aircraft as they possibly could.  The Germans wanted to do the exact same thing, so they established their own No Fly Zone and shot down allied aircraft.

Perhaps the largest No Fly Zone (No Float and No Boot too) ever was during WW 2 when the allies sought to deny world airspace to the Germans, Italians, and Japanese and established a No Fly Zone around the world.  We took every step possible to prevent these nations from flying aircraft anywhere in the world. We bombed airfields to destroy aircraft before they could fly in our No Fly Zone and we shot down as many airplanes as possible around the world in our No Fly Zone . Of course the Germans and Japanese didn’t want us to fly our aircraft in their No Fly Zone, so they established a No Fly Zone and shot down our aircraft too.  In the end the allies managed to enforce their No Fly Zone around the world.

NATO sought to establish a No Fly Zone over North Korea and we shot down many aircraft violating our imposed No Fly Zone.  The North Koreans and Chinese did the same, but on June 25, 1953 with the signing of the armistice we lifted our No Fly Zone and the North Koreans and Chinese got to keep their No Fly Zone.

In Vietnam we tried to establish a No Fly Zone over the whole of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, while the North Vietnamese simultaneously tried to establish their No Fly Zone over North Vietnam.  Many planes were shot down by both sides trying to enforce their No Fly Zones.  In the end the United States failed to establish their No Fly Zone over Vietnam and the North Vietnamese were able to establish and enforce their No Fly Zone.

The next No Fly Zone was established in Iraq in 1991 and lifted in 2003. The Coalition Forces which defeated Sadaam Hussein in the 1st Gulf War wanted to prevent Iraqi’s from flying helicopters and aircraft to bomb fellow Iraqis on Sadaam Husseins orders.  We lifted that No Fly Zone in 2003 after defeating the Iraqi military in Operation Iraqi Freedom.  From 1991-2003 Sadaam Hussein killed thousands of Kurds, Shites, and Iraqi Marsh Arabs under our established No Fly Zone using ground soldiers and helicopters.  It has proven too difficult to deny helicopters from flying in No Fly Zones - you just don’t know if they’re flying or not, especially if the transponder is turned off.

NATO established a No Fly Zone over Bosnia from 1993 to 1995. Operation Deny Flight was successful at stopping fixed wing aircraft flights, but Serbian helicopters proved just as illusive as Iraqi helicopters when flying in that airspace. During this time Bosnian Serbs executed thousands of Muslims under our established No Fly Zone using soldiers and helicopters.

In 2011 we have established a new No Fly Zone over Libya - Operation Odyssey Dawn. We’re told its purpose is to stop Ghadaffi from committing genocide on his own people. It is wholly impossible and its been proven that a No Fly Zone and the use of fighter bombers can’t prevent a dictator from butchering and slaughtering innocent civilians. You would need to know exactly when and where those civilians are to be slaughtered then load, launch, and fly to that location in order to try and prevent the slaughter.  It is also very difficult to prevent slaughter with bombs trying to pick-out the good and bad guys from 15,000 ft at 500 knots. Obama should have just been honest and told the American people that he wants to bomb specific hard targets using laser guided bombs and cruise missiles.

If he wants to stop the slaughter of innocent civilians, then he’ll need to put boots on the ground, but this is something he said that he would not do.  President Obama is complying with Ghadaffi’s No Boots Zone we think.   The CIA is now assessing the situation whereby its postured that Al Qaeda in Pakistan is Bad and we will continue to kill them with Hellfire Missiles from unmanned aerial vehicles, but Al Qaeda may be Good in Libya as we bantor on about giving them weapons.

STOP people. Defund Obama’s ridiculous charade in Libya. The only thing Obama is doing is slowing down the chaos so Ghadaffi can keep selling oil to Europe.  When it’s all over Ghadaffi will still have billions, we will have wasted billions, and the Muslims will still hate us.

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