DeMint won’t back Romney without repudiation of RomneyCare

Despite backing Mitt Romney for the GOP nomination in 2008, Sen. Jim DeMint says he won’t do so again unless the former Massachusetts Governor apologizes for the health insurance reform law - known as RomneyCare - that he still defends:

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) “would never consider” endorsing former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for president again in 2012 unless Romney repudiates the health reforms he sought as governor, a source close to DeMint said Thursday.

A source close to the conservative icon emphasized that, despite comments to The Hill indicating that Romney shouldn’t shoulder all the political blame for the Massachusetts healthcare plan, DeMint wouldn’t endorse Romney again unless he admits the plan was mistaken.

“It’s obvious Jim was just trying to be nice to the guy he backed over McCain, as many conservatives did in 2008,” the source said. “But he would never consider backing Romney again unless he admits that his Massachusetts healthcare plan was a colossal mistake.”

DeMint says that Romney shouldn’t shoulder all the blame for it. I think he should since, as noted, Romney suggests to this day that his plan is a free market alternative and he defends the individual mandate - also a central part of ObamaCare.

As Jeff Jacoby notes, RomneyCare has been a disaster:

Five years ago Romney confidently predicted that under the law he and Senator Ted Kennedy collaborated on, “the costs of health care will be reduced.” But the price of health coverage in Massachusetts is rising faster than ever — premiums for individual insurance policies are up 6 percent more than they would have been without RomneyCare, and for employers the increases have been among the steepest anywhere. “Massachusetts still has the highest insurance premiums in the nation, and the gap is getting wider,” the late economist John Calfee, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, wrote shortly before his death.

Romney has changed his position on so many things, why not the health insurance reform law that has clearly not worked out? Not only that, his plan - pushed by the Heritage Foundation - is essentially ObamaCare:

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