Heath Shuler avoids constituents

Rep. Heath Shuler (D-NC), who represents what is considered by some to be a toss-up district, doesn’t want to hear what his constituents have to say, according to this letter in the Asheville Citizen-Times:

I had the opportunity to speak with Rep. Heath Shuler at a military veteran’s luncheon on Aug. 26. I asked why he doesn’t have face-to- face Town Hall meetings. He replied “I am not going to waste my time having a bunch of people yelling at me at town hall meetings.”

I asked him why he voted against amendments to remove earmarks from legislation. He answered, “This is how the system works.” After a few more questions, he walked away.
This fall, Shuler will present himself as a Blue Dog conservative, reminding us that he voted against TARP, stimulus and health care bills. However, Shuler only voted “no” after each bill had enough votes to pass. He withheld his vote to the last minute, in my opinion, just in case Pelosi needed it. Do not be fooled by Shuler’s ads. He is a big-government liberal. It is time to change the system and players, including this one.

The Heritage Foundation recently parodied a congressman asking his staffers for reasons and excuses he could use to avoid doing townhall meetings with his constituents. Who would have guess that Shuler would come off sounding like the only honest guy in the group?

Shuler will face Jeff Miller, a small businessman, in the fall. The only polling we’ve seen in the race showed Miller within the margin of error, trailing by a point.

H/T: Club for Growth

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